How To Make Your WordPress Website More Customer Oriented

In this article, we will see how to make your WordPress website more customer-oriented. Gone are the days when anyone designs a website simply for the purpose of having the competition does not have. These days, almost every business has a website. To stand out, you will have to make your website to be customer-friendly. In other words, web users should be able to navigate your website and find what they want with ease.

Your website should be so easy to access, anyone who can browse through the internet should be able to surf through it. Web-users should not just be able to surf your website, your website should also delight web users who visit its web pages. Here are some tips on how to make your WordPress website more oriented.

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Improve Page Loading Speed

The loading speed of your website is crucial. It can be the defining factor between web users visiting your website or leaving it. Ensure your website loads within 3-5 seconds. One way to do this is to optimize the images featured on your website. Also, avoid installing too many plugins. If you already have the Woocommerce mix and match plugin, there is no need to install a similar plugin. Another way to optimize the page to loading speed is to embed media files instead of uploading them directly to your website.

Make Navigation as Easy as Possible

I know what you are thinking. You are probably wondering “but my website already has a menu”. Well, the navigation of your website involves more than just your menu. Besides, there are also chances that your menu is not exactly customer-oriented. Enough with the fault finding, let’s talk solutions. To improve the navigation of your website, start by fixing or removing broken links. Before setting up your menu, ensure to properly classify the sub-menus of each item in the main menu. Finally, ALWAYS use a flowing menu button. I do not see why anyone will want to use a fixed menu.

Offer Top Quality Content

This is a very important part of your website. Many website operators do not consider it to be crucial because it is not part of the website design process. Nonetheless, the content of your website is as important as every other detail. In this regard, it is crucial to ensure that the content of your website is valid and of good quality. If you are putting out educational content, ensure that the information is correct. As for marketing content, ensure that the content provides adequate information about what you are selling.

Implore Simple Designs

I understand that you want your website to be aesthetically pleasing. However, functionality transcends aesthetics in this realm. Your website should appeal to web users, it should not dazzle them. Every part of your website layout should point web users in the right direction. Instead of filling your website with pictures, use a slider plugin. This plugin enables you to give web users a mini gallery without having to crowd your website with media files. Speaking of media files, it is best to remove the “autoplay” feature for videos. It causes your website to lag and literally forces web users to watch videos they do not want to watch.

Sell Right

One of the reasons for establishing a website is to increase sales. However, you will not do that if you do not sell right. Instead, you will be chasing away your potential customers. First of all, reduce the number of popups that appear to web users. Advertisement is about consistency, not bombardment. Instead, install plugins like Woocommerce Shop as Customer and notify users that they can order your products and services without having to register. As against multiple popups also, you can use multiple CTAs placed at strategic points in the content of your website.

Develop and Design for Mobile

This is not exactly a problem with WordPress websites. WordPress offers a feature that allows website operators to preview the outlook of their website. Always use the preview feature to assess how your website will appear on mobile devices. If need be, you should change the layout of your website to suit mobile devices. Over 73% of web users use their phones and more than 51% of them use ONLY their phones. Ensure to design or develop your website while taking this 51% into consideration.


Your customers are the reason you are creating a website. However, you will not be able to reach them if you do not tailor your website to suit them. Use these tips stated above to develop a more customer-oriented website.

Junaid Ali Qureshi

Junaid Ali Qureshi

Junaid Ali Qureshi is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for emerging tech marketing and ecommerce development. Some of his current ventures include Progos Tech ( Woocommerce plugin company), , Titan Tech and Smart Marketing.

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