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8 WooCommerce Plugins To Install In Your WordPress Website

In this post, we will talk about some of the best WooCommerce plugins you can use in your WordPress website/your online store.



In this post, we will talk about some of the best WooCommerce plugins you can use in your WordPress website. WooCommerce is arguably the most compatible extension for WordPress content management system. Recent updates have seen WordPress fully integrate WooCommerce as an integral part of their web design services. WooCommerce makes WordPress scalable enough to serve as eCommerce stores.

To make the most of your online store, here are 8 WooCommerce Plugins To Install In Your WordPress Website.


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1. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts

The WooCommerce dynamic pricing and discounts plugin is a flexible tool for pricing methods that fit into any pricing strategy. Online store owners can use this plugin to set prices for discounts. It can also be used to set prices that have certain conditions attached to them. If you want to offer promotions and loyalty program, this is the plugin to help you set prices for related products.

With this plugin, online store can boost sales and increase patronage. WooCommerce dynamic pricing and discount plugin is perfect for setting black Friday deals. You can also use this plugin to set timer based prices.

2. WooCommerce Mix And Match

The WooCommerce mix and match plugin allow customers create “boxes” of products they want. Online store operators can set the criteria with which customers can add products to boxes. Besides adding products to boxes, online store operators can also offer additional benefits. One of such is reducing the price of items in the box compared to buying items alone. The plugin also allows customers to add a new box if the previous box is full.

This plugin is best for eCommerce gifts store. Buying in boxes encourages customers to buy more items from the eCommerce store. WooCommerce mix and match is also great for online restaurants. Customers can simply select multiple meals and add them to a box.

3. WooCommerce Shop As Customer

WordPress website offers the “preview” feature. This feature enables web designers assess the website from the web user’s point of view. With the preview feature, the web designer can ascertain if the website is compatible with mobile devices. The designer will also be able to identify if the user interface is good. However, the preview feature is not enough for an eCommerce store.

An eCommerce store offers more than just written content and interface in terms of user experience. To ensure that its features work well, you have to use them. The WooCommerce shop as a customer plugin offers the best opportunity to preview your eCommerce website. With this plugin, website admin that access the online store, select products and proceed to checkout without leaving the admin end of the website.

4. Product Filter for WooCommerce

Product filter for WooCommerce helps customers find the particular product they want. This plugin enables customers to rank products according to any hierarchy they want. It allows customers apply multiple filters and it does not slow down your website. The product filter for WooCommerce supports all major languages around the world.

This plugin is very important for established eCommerce stores with many products. It will take customers eternity to find certain products. With this plugin however, they can simply find that product by narrowing their search.

5. WooCommerce Currency Switcher

Like its name states, the WooCommerce currency switcher is one of the best WooCommerce plugins that allows web users switch to any currency they prefer. Unlike some other currency switcher plugins that automatically uses the location of users to assign them a currency, this plugin allows web users decide for themselves if they want to change the current currency or leave it the way it is.

This plugin is best for eCommerce stores serving customers in different locations. Allowing web users decide whether or not to change the currency is beneficial to eCommerce platforms using digital payment options. Instead of their local currency, web users can select the currency the digital payment option uses. This way, there are no discrepancies in prices.

6. WooCommerce Request A Quote

B2B companies often sell in bulk as they sell to companies who use the products or services to serve consumers. Companies that buy products or services in bulk will expect some high level of preferential treatment. They will want to request for a quote instead of settling for the price set by the online store operator. Instead of making them consult customer care, install the WooCommerce request a quote plugin.

This WooCommerce plugin provides an option for buyers to request a quote. To request a quote, customers can simply add the products they want to buy, add it to their wishlist and request a quote. With this plugin installed on your website customers can bargain over the prices of products. This plugin suits online stores offering rental services or other B2B services.

7. WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

The WooCommerce recover abandoned cart feature enables eCommerce stores follow up customers who abandoned their carts. This plugin makes it possible for customers who abandoned their cart to recover it by including the links to the cart they abandoned in the mail. With this plugin, online stores can send mails of different templates at different periods to remind the customer who abandoned their cart. Online stores can also use this plugin to add coupon codes to the email.

This plugin is proven to boost sales. If the customer happens to leave the online store without being able to check out, they will easily recover their cart and complete their shopping. Results have also proven that sending coupon codes to customers who abandoned their carts prompted them to recover their carts and apply the coupon code. Sometimes, the customers even add more items to the carts they earlier abandoned.

8. WooCommerce Notification

One of the benefits of eCommerce is that online store operators can “appear” to be available to customers, even when they are not currently available. One way to do this is by installing the WooCommerce notification plugin on your WordPress website. This plugin notifies eCommerce store owners or operators of orders placed on the store. It also enables online stores display details of the amount of customers that have bought the product already.

This plugin is essential for every online store. Website admin can customize the notification to show only open orders. This way, open orders can be easily processed and closed. Notification is done in real time to ensure credibility.


These WooCommerce plugins make your WordPress website even more dynamic. They increase its scalability by incorporating features that will not be ordinarily available on most WordPress templates.

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