Free Website to Maintain Code Snippets with Version Control is a website for developers to save, share, and maintain code snippets online. Code snippets are nothing but small pieces of long written codes for programming projects. You can save your code snippets for future use or you can share it with other developers. One of the most useful features of this website is that provides code versioning. So, at any time, you can see any previous version of your code snippet. You can also make your own collection of snippets and organize it the way you like. You can share and follow the snippets of other developers as well in the community of the website. has a vast community of well-experienced, and talented developers. You can follow them and their shared snippets, and ask for their feedback on your codes.

How to Save Code Snippets Online: gives you an online platform for saving and sharing your code snippets. You just have to do a free sign-up and register your profile on it. Now, you can save, share, and control the versions of your code snippets.

Saving a Code snippet

You can save a code snippet in the website’s enormous drive space allotted to your profile. The new snippet can be written and added to it for future use. As soon as the snippet is saved, it is automatically added to your collection.

Sharing a snippet

Your saved snippet will be fully in your control for sharing. At the time of saving, you can set the sharing control parameter to public, part private, or private.

Interesting Features:

  • Simple and Attractive Design- You can easily see and understand this website. With direct links to Following, Suggestions, and Developers, you can easily with a click. You can also directly search for any particular keyword in the website’s search box.
  • Save and Share- Your code snippets are easily saved and shared within seconds.
  • Creating and Managing Collections- As a developer, you regularly write numerous codes, and need to create collections and manage them. enables you to create your collection, and manage them by their language, context, and details of their creation.
  • Version Control- Code Snippets needs to be followed by a developer. The unique feature of version control allows you to follow and control the version of  Code Snippets. With this feature, your saved snippets of previous versions are prevented from loss and their updated versions are also added to the collection. You can use snippets of any version you like to use.

maintain code snippets

  • Developers Community- maintains a large community of developers. These developers are well-experienced and talented. Developers regularly share their respective collection of snippets within the community. You can share your snippets with them and get their feedback too. Also, you can easily find any particular developer, or a particular code snippet.
  • Opportunity to get Hired- has its door opened for talented developers and content writers. You can get an opportunity to get hired or work in collaboration with the website.


You are a developer, and you regularly write numerous codes, then is a very good free website for saving and sharing your pieces of codes. Despite being an online platform, it registers you for free. Post to the registration, you can access your account anywhere. With its enormous space allotted to registered users, you can save and share as many of your important code snippets. Version control of codes gives you to access previous versions of your codes. It’s Community of Developers is a good source to learn and get their expertise on your codes, which is very helpful for a beginner developer. I should say, with the growing developer’s community, and large database collection of numerous code snippets, it will be the mecca of code snippets.

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