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Best Code Compare Tool to do Before-After Code Comparison Online

See the best code compare tool to do before-after code comparison online. Just submit before and after version of code and see results



After writing code and modifying it, sometimes you need to keep comparing it to the previous version. There may be a feature available in your code editor, but if not, then you can do it online. And I will tell you here about one of the best code compare tools to do before-after code comparison online. The tool calls itself Diff Checker and you can easily use it to quickly compare code changes and save them, IT allows you to save the current session for 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month. It uses two different side by side panes to show you the comparison in your code. It highlights the code which is missing or additional in the comparison result. You can easily analyze the difference using this online code compare tool.

Diff Checker, as the name suggests, it is basically meant for text comparison purpose. However, it works quite fine when you compare code in it. Just submit the before and after copy of your code to it and it will quickly show you all the differences. There is nothing additional thing you have touch. Just submit code and see differences.

Code Compare Tool to do Before-After Code Comparison Online: Diff Checker

Diff Checker is a very simple code compare tool that is cool too. On its website, you don’t have to do registration to use this tool. You can quickly get started and compare your code.

Open website of Code Diff from here. After that, you will see two side by side panes. In the left pane, specify the original code. And in the right pane, copy-paste the modified code that you want to compare. Do note that, before submitting the code samples, make sure that both the code samples have the same formatting. If not, then the comparison will be un-understandable. Finally, click the Find Diff button and you shall see the comparison result quickly.

diff checker in action

See? how simple it is to use this code compare tool to compare code online. You don’t have to do anything special. Just submit your code and it will do the rest by itself. However, there is one thing I didn’t like about this tool. Here it doesn’t let you download the comparison report. You can see the live comparison result and that’s it.

Bottom Lines

Diff Checker is a simple and useful code compare tool for the people who prefer online applications. Just submit the before and after version of your code and see the differences. Analyze the highlighted difference and fix them if you want. Apart from this tool, you may also like to read about Sarahah, and much other that you will find in archives.

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