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GPU Overclocking Software with FPS Tracking, In-Game Overlay

CAM is a GPU overclocking software and PC monitor that provides real-time hardware details of PC, such as CPU temperature, fan speed, GPU temperature, etc.



CAM is a GPU overclocking software and PC monitor that provides real-time hardware details of your PC, such as CPU temperature, fan speed, GPU temperature, clock speed, RAM usage. In addition to these, this freeware also comes with FPS monitor, in which it monitors and shows Frame rate when you play games. It shows the FPS rates as an overlay on the games. And lastly, it actually also lets you overclock GPU.

You can use data from this PC monitor to run your PC optimally. And you can use its overlay feature to monitor FPS, average FPS, CPU usage, GPU usage, etc while playing games.

This free PC monitor comes with a nice and clean interface that displays all PC details in a simple and effective manner. You can view most of your PC hardware details from its Dashboard. The best part is that it displays graphs of real time data for easy monitoring.

Its Dashboard has 3 view modes for viewing details.

  • Basic: In Basic mode, it displays CPU temperature, CPU Load, GPU temperature, GPU Load, RAM Usage, and Disk Space usage.
  • Advanced: It has two panels to view details simultaneously. In each panel, you can choose to view CPU details, GPU details, Motherboard, RAM, HDD (Hard Disk Drive details), and NET (networking details).
  • Expanded: View details in a tabular format.

To get started with this free PC monitor, you need to create a free account from here.  The best part of this It also lets you monitor multiple PCs connected through your CAM account.

You can also monitor your PCs through its Android app or iPhone app. But its mobile applications currently supports HUE+, Kraken, and Grid+ products.

FPS Tracking

As I mentioned earlier, you can use its CAM relay feature to display performance metric while playing games. It displays FPS (Frames Per Second), average FPS, CPU & GPU usage, memory, and game playtime. These performance metrics are displayed on Top left part of your screen by default, which you can change through its FPS relay settings.

It also maintains a game history, which displays your recently played games. Game history shows your recently played games along with its Title, Date, Average FPS, Resolution, and Playtime. This lets you efficiently monitor your games that increase CPU & GPU utilization, RAM usage, etc.

Let’s see how you can use this feature.

To display various performance metrics while playing games, you need to enable its CAM overlay option. You can enable this option from Settings>>FPS relay>>Enable CAM overlay.

You can customize following settings in CAM overlay.

  • Information to be displayed: You can customize the information that is to be displayed while playing games.
    • FPS
    • AvgFPS
    • CPU
    • GPU
    • Memory
    • Version
    • Time
  • Change font color and size: You can set the font size to:
    • Auto-scale
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
    • X-large
  • Overlay position: You can also customize the position of information. You can set it following:
    • Top Left
    • Top Right
    • Bottom Left
    • Bottom Right
    • Custom
  • Shortcut keys: You can also set the hotkeys to toggle overlays and move overlay positions.

Note: It also provides GPU overclocking feature to push up FPS and optimize game performance but I was not able to test it.


CAM is a free PC monitor software that comes with FPS tracking and GPU overclocking features. It displays almost every details related to PC and its hardware components like RAM, Motherboard, CPU, GPU, etc. I really liked its interface as it displayed information in an effective way. It can really help you in monitoring your PC. I also liked its idea to monitor multiple PCs (connected to the same account) from one place.

It can also monitor your games and show you a detailed history of games that you play with performance metrics like Resolution, AvgFPS, etc. I was quite excited about its GPU overclocking feature but unfortunately, I was not able to test it as I didn’t have a GPU. You can also use this feature to push up FPS and optimize games performance. You should definitely check out this free software.

Get CAM from here.

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