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Open Source Note Taking Software to Create and Organize Notes

Note_Space is an open source note taking software to create simple notes and nested notes. With it, you can easily manage a large collection of notes.



Note_space is an open source note taking software. By using Note_Space, you can create notes in an organized manner. It lets you take notes on cards that appear on its screen. You can create a hierarchy of related notes by creating nested notes that you can read altogether from a single screen. Keep reading to know how you can take notes and organize them using this open source note taking software.

This freeware runs locally on your PC and doesn’t require an internet connection to work with. Apart from Windows, you can also use it to take notes on Mac and Linux. User Interface of this open source note is very simple and easy to use. You can use Note_Space without second thoughts as it is very intuitive and allows you to choose different layouts to display notes which you create.

You can try Note_Space demo from here and move further if it really suits your style of taking notes.

Let’s see how we can create notes and organize them in Note_Space.

How to Use this Open Source Note Taking Software?

Getting started with this free software is really easy, just download it from the link given at the end of this article. Then extract its zip file and execute “Click This to Start” VBScript Script file. It will then launch its main interface to take notes in your default web browser. It will not use your internet connection as it works locally on a PC.

Editing aspects of Note_Space:

On its main interface, you can see various cards arranged in a rectangular grid of MxN dimension. To start taking notes click on a card and start typing into its editing window. Its editing window doesn’t have much of editing options like making text bold, italic, changing font size, type, etc. It just enables you to write simple text and change its font color. Well its very simple note taking software and you can try it if you just want to simply take notes.

open source note taking software

How to create nested notes:

As I mentioned earlier, you can use this open source note taking software to create and manage a large collection of notes. You can simply take a note by clicking on any card on its main interface. It also lets you create a collection of notes through nested cards i.e. cards inside a card. If you wish to create nested notes then switch to Grid or Stack screen. A Grid screen contains cards displayed in MxN rectangular grid and Stack screen displays cards in 1 row and multiple columns. You can choose between these 2 screens as per how you want to see your notes. To create notes just click on any card and then start typing into its editing windows.

Each Grid and Stack screen have a control card to customize a number of rows and columns. You can further create nested screens by switching a card to a screen category. You can change the dimension of a Grid or Stack screen by its Control card which you can access on their main page by Show menu>>Open control card and then specify the number of rows & columns for Grid screen and a number of columns for Stack screen.

Even if you mess up in structuring your notes or want to quickly access a note you can use its search functionality. You can search a keyword and it returns all the notes that may contain the searched keyword. You can then click on any note in displayed results to edit it.

You can also view tree structure of nested notes by Show menu → Directory list on its main interface. This will show you the structure of nested loops. You can also print all of your notes at once by clicking on Print all button. If you wish to print a particular note then click on it and then press Print note button.

In this way, you can use this free note taking software to create simple notes and as well as a hierarchy of notes.


Note_Space is an open source note taking software that lets you easily take notes. You can even keep related notes together by creating nested notes by choosing different layouts to display and read them all at once from the screen. You can surely check out this free web application if you need a simple note taking software without many customizations.

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