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How to Turn on Facebook Profile Picture Guard to Protect it from Misuse

Protect your Facebook profile picture from misuse. For more, see this guide about how to turn on Facebook Profile Picture Guard easily.



Facebook always takes a step ahead when it comes to the security and privacy of the people who are using it. In recent years Facebook has introduced many features for the privacy of the users such as adding custom people to your post, block, users, unfriend users, and some many others. But now it has recently introduced a new feature in it regarding the privacy of profile picture. The new feature that it has launched is called “Profile Picture Guard”. And as the names indicate, the profile picture guard helps you maintain the privacy of your Facebook profile photo. And how it does that I will explain in the below guide. In below text,  I will tell you about how to turn on Facebook Profile Picture Guard to protect your profile picture from misuse.

Profile Picture Guard actually puts a blue frame around your profile picture. And it keeps it secure so other people can’t tap ShareSend in messageShare externally or Download button. Also, it is mentioned that it will stop people taking the screenshot of your Facebook profile picture. However, this feature of Facebook is new and currently working on Android app of the Facebook. If you are using a PC or laptop then this feature doesn’t work in that. It is pretty easy to turn it on and you will know how to do that shortly.

How to Turn on Facebook Profile Picture Guard to Protect it from Misuse?

If you are familiar with various Facebook tools and features, then you will be able to turn Profile Picture Guard on pretty easily. And when you turn it on, you will see a blue frame around your profile picture and a shield-like icon on it. But keep in mind that this feature is different from adding a temporary frame to your profile picture.

Log in to your Facebook account and then go to the profile picture section. Open your profile picture and then click on Options. After that from the options menu, you will see “ Turn on the profile picture Guard“. As you click on it, it will ask you to confirm the operation and finally places a blue border around your profile picture and puts a shield icon on it.

profile picture guard

After you have turned on this feature your profile picture will be visible to all your friends as this snapshot.

profile picture guard in action

That’s it, folks. You can easily turn on profile picture guard in just a few seconds. However, this feature not really reported working on laptops and PCs. But you can hope that Facebook will improve it for all the platforms in coming days.

Bottom line:

Too many people don’t put their real Facebook profile picture because of the fear that someone might download it and misuse it. And that’s where the profile picture guard feature comes in handy. You can easily protect your profile picture from misuse. You can also tell others about it so more people will be aware of this.

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