6 Cool iPhone Tips & Tricks You Should Know

If you have recently purchased an iPhone, we can understand your excitement! This blog is just made for you about some cool iPhone tips.



If you have recently purchased an iPhone, we can understand your excitement! This blog is just made for you! Even if you are not new to the iPhone world but want to explore more about this super-cool, amazing phone, this should still be a good read for you.

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We all know about the obsession regarding iPhone in today’s generation. Moreover, we think it is extremely useful for working professionals as well. You have so many features to explore, and the phone is so convenient. In addition, it has way more to offer other rather cool selfies and Insta-worthy photos.

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So let us start with the cool iPhone tips and hacks!

Tap the back for a screenshot 

iOS works differently than Android phones. You can tap the back of your iPhone to capture the full screen. We need screenshots for various purposes, such as work, to upload on social media, etc. For enabling this feature, you need to visit Settings, click on Accessibility and then select “Touch” and then “Back tap”. Select double-tap or triple-tap and then click on “Screenshot”.

Now tap the back of your phone (twice or thrice, as per your selection), and it will capture your screen. Handy, isn’t it?

Get back deleted photos on iPhone

Deleting pictures accidentally is a very common problem! Whether you want to keep them as memories or for your social media handle, this trick would help you recover deleted pictures quite easily.

First, connect your phone to MacBook with a lightning cable, open disk drill on your laptop, select the iPhone drive, and click “recover” to scan for deleted pictures. After that, preview images that can be restored. Finally, choose “Recover” to retrieve the deleted images!

You can click here to know more ways on how to get back deleted photos on your iPhoneThere are so many alternative ways to restore deleted files.

Change your default browser and email apps

You can change your default mail app and browser on your iPhone! Did you know that? If not, then we are going to enlighten you. Download Chrome from the app store id that is your preferred browser. Then open the iPhone settings app and select Chrome. You would see it at the bottom of the list. Tap it and choose ‘default browser’. Select “Chrome” to make it your default browser.

The same is applicable for email apps, such as Gmail or Spark. Go to settings and find the third-party email app. Select it and choose ‘default mail app’ on the next screen, and then choose the email you want to use.

Stop new applications from appearing on the home screen

Now you can enjoy an App library (in the case of an iOS 14), which is pretty amazing for storing applications that you don’t need often. We are sure that you have apps that you use once in a while. To make sure that it doesn’t appear on the home screen, you can go to Settings > Home Screen and select ‘App Library only’ under the ‘newly downloaded apps’ section.

Add widgets to the home screen

Another cool iPhone tips is that iOS 14 has enhanced user’s experience in more ways than one. It allows you to add widgets to the home screen. For accomplishing the same, you need to long-press an app icon on the home screen. Post that, you have to choose “edit home screen”.

An alternative way of doing the same is long-pressing the blank area on the home screen. Then, tap the plus sign in the top corner of the screen and add the widget. Next, scroll down to the bottom, choose the application from the list and select the size widget you want. You can now click on the “add widget” button at the bottom of the pop-up window.

Fake eye contact in Facetime

Ah, we do use Facetime often, don’t we? Click on Settings > Facetime > Eye Contact to create fake eye contact on the app. The person on the other side will think you are looking at the camera when you aren’t! How cool is that?

So these are six amazing iPhone tips for you! Make the most of these features. To know more, do keep an eye on this blog section.


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