Top 10 Samsung Gear VR Games for You to Play

In this article, we will talk about the top 10 Samsung Gear VR for you to play. These game are extremely fun to play as you can experience them in a 360-degree immersive platform. When people think about playing VR games, they usually check for Oculus Rift, HTC Vibe, etc. But, they are quite expensive and also requires a powerful PC to play VR games. This can be avoided by using the Samsung Gear VR.

The games mentioned in this post range from scary mansions to sky shooters, etc.  Some of them are completely free to use and some needs to be purchased. There are many Samsung Gear VR games available online, and we’ve got some favorites, in this list.

How about we begin this rundown off solid.

Land’s End:

Land’s End is probably the best game for Samsung Gear VR. With a stunning oceanside setting, it remains as a consistent reminder of exactly how astonishing VR can look on this husky little headset.

The gameplay, riddles, and mechanics all cooperate inside the Gear’s special ecosystem to make an experience similarly as, if not more, immersive than numerous titles on the further developed platforms. On the off chance that you have a Samsung Gear VR, don’t keep this one unplayed.

Augmented Empire:

In case you’re searching for a bad-to-the-bone turn-based strategy RPG game in VR, you think you’d need to swing to frameworks like PC and gaming console, isn’t that so? Well, you’re wrong, as VR’s best SRPG is entirely on Gear VR. Augmented Empire from Coatsink is presumably the greatest game on Samsung Gear VR and definitely worth your precious time.

This game stirs up Xcom’s nail-gnawing strategic gameplay with a vast character roster you’ll come to think about because of a mission structure to a great extent propelled by Mass Effect. The outcome is a shockingly deep experience you won’t before long overlook.

The Well:

Turtle Rock is well known for its VR panic fest named Face Your Fears, yet its recent release, visually appealing RPG, The Well is definitely worth discussing. Fight fantastical creatures in this prison-crawler enlivened experience while you explore the unimaginable universe of Tholl.

The Well offers long periods of gameplay content for only $4.99, and makes incredible use of Samsung Gear VR’s new controller. This will give you the long missed conventional gaming thrills largely missing on Gear at the present time.

Dark Days:

Dark Days may not be as instinctively startling as another game explained later on this rundown, yet it stays a standout amongst the most mentally troubling Samsung Gear VR games to date. Channeling the Twin Peaks and X-Files, Dark Days will errand you with exploring dreadful areas keeping in mind the end goal to unwind a mysterious secret.

Simply don’t be astonished if the occult begins to battle back.

End Space:

There are loads of space shooter games on the Samsung Gear VR, yet those games are arcade-fun with a weighty feature of multiplayer. Whereas, End Space feels like a significantly more simulation-esque methodology, with a bit slower gameplay pace, bigger environments, and more structured goals.

Fanatics of science fiction games and space shooters particularly ought to completely have End Space in their library as there is all that could possibly be needed gameplay content to keep you occupied, with an awesome world and magnificent single player missions. Also, this game helped dispatch a whole game studio. You can learn more about it on the Oculus Store.

Affected: The Manor:

This Samsung Gear VR game will startle you. This game will definitely make you shout and scream. This game is Affected: The Manor.

Exploring the main haunted manor in this Gear VR game is about difficult to play without either shutting your eyes, shouting as loud as possible, or dissolving into an entire insane breakdown. In the event that you like being scared, or seeing your companions be terrified, at that point Affected: The Manor is the VR game for you.


Skylight is the sort of game that is hard to portray in light of the fact that it consolidates genres in extremely cunning ways. As a blend of both real-time strategy and turn-based games, it defies tradition and opens up the entryway for something extremely extraordinary in VR.

Having the capacity to play on a mobile VR headset and go into a nearly Enders Game-esque portrayal of space-based fighting is energizing and the strategic mindset required to win is completely reviving.


We’ve all grabbed a pencil when nobody’s looking and waved it around endeavoring to make any object buoy, or transform a foe into a cat. Wands catches that innocent childhood dream for wizardry and makes an interpretation of it into a really fun and innovative Gear VR encounter.

Engaging with enchantment and building up your wizarding abilities is made simply more charming by the gothic art style.

Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay:

The Last Jedi put a touch of Star Wars fever once more into its many intense fans, and fortunately Star Wars: Droid Repair Bay is here to give us a chance to immerse ourselves in a little fragment of the movie’s universe.

It’s a quite shortsighted game, yet an alluring one at that: you’ll play a role in the main repair center, repairing BB-8 and other droids when they come with defects. You can pull open the droids, tinker with their inner parts, and send them out the door. Droid Repair Bay isn’t the most important piece of The Last Jedi’s media flood, yet it’s free and surely worth looking at in the event that you have a Samsung Gear VR.


Minecraft in VR? In the event that this doesn’t have Gear VRs taking off of store racks, at that point we don’t know what will. The Samsung Gear VR release is successfully the same as alternate renditions, offering survival and inventive modes and in addition multiplayer activity, just presently you’re inundated in the blocky universe.

Playing in first-person is a genuine excursion, however, it can likewise be overwhelming sometimes, which is the reason a tap of the touchpad can change to you a windowed display, wherein the VR game is played on a TV inside a pixelated stop. In both case, if you cherish and love Minecraft, you’ll absolutely need to have it all around you in VR. Also, on the off chance that you don’t know Minecraft, now’s an ideal opportunity to attempt it.


These are the 10 best Samsung Gear VR game that you can play in an immersive 360-degree environment. So, do you have a Samsung Gear VR or planning to buy one, then keep a note of these jaw-dropping games and play them to enjoy VR gaming with your Samsung mobile handset.

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