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2 Free Phone Number Extractor Software For Windows

Extract phone numbers from websites, keywords, etc., by using these free phone number extractor software for Windows.



If you are looking for a phone number extractor software, here is your stop. These two free software allow you to extract phone numbers and thus generate leads for your business. Besides phone numbers, these can also extract email addresses, Skype IDs and other information. You will be required to input a source from where you want to extract phone numbers. You may extract phone numbers from websites, specific URLs, keywords using search engines, email accounts, local files and folders, domains, etc. You may even extract phone numbers from Facebook and Twitter pages. These software allow you to apply various filters to customize search results. To perform a deep web search, you may specify crawl depth. But, you cannot save results in any of these phone number extractors.

Let’s see what are these phone number extractor software:

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Email Extractor:

Email Extractor is a free email address and phone number extractor software. This software allows you to extract phone numbers from a  number of sources. You may extract phone numbers from search engines, websites, URL list, and email account. It can perform in-depth search for extracting phone numbers and email addresses. It can also extract Skype IDs from a given source. This software is also capable of retrieving information of website owners such as phone numbers, e-mail addresses, domains, servers, registrant, admin and tech support email addresses, billing addresses.

The phone numbers are listed with base URL and search depth. In case you only want to include phone numbers in results, you may use Settings and disable other search results. Plus, you may also add search regular expression, apply filters (exclude URLs with, exclude email with name/domain, etc.), enter maximum web page size, etc.

How to extract phone numbers from search engines:

For extracting phone numbers from search engines, you may enter a list of search keywords to find and extract phone numbers. To make it simpler for you, it even allows you to import keywords from local files. It offers supports to popular search engines which are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ecosia, AOL, and Ask. You may select specific search engines to filter out phone number results. You may further set up options for search engines and configure search engines based on your country.

How to extract phone numbers from websites:

You may also extract phone numbers from multiple websites at once. It allows you to enter websites’ links and then start search for letting it fetch phone numbers. If you have a list of websites saved in a local file, you may import it to this software. It contains a handy option of logging into your account on a website, if required, to extract phone numbers. For scanning and search execution, you may fill in scan depth value which is used to tell the software about how deep the search operation must be. Enter a higher number to let it perform thorough scanning for phone number results. Besides that, you may also use options like scan only this domain, scan only this folder, browser emulation.

How to extract phone numbers from URL list:

If you need to scan and extract phone numbers from a specific URL or URLs, it allows you to do that. You may manually add URLs or import URL list from a locally stored file. It also contains some useful tools such as generate URLs, fix URLs, view URL in a browser.

How to extract phone numbers from email accounts:

This phone number extractor also allows you to extract from IMAP and POP email accounts. This requires proper configuration of email accounts by adding relevant information such as server name, port, username, password.

So, using this software, you can extract phone numbers, emails, Skype IDs and generate leads for your trade. The only disadvantage of this software is that it doesn’t allow you to save results in its free edition. Besides that, it is a good software to extract phone numbers from various sources. It supports multiple languages and multiple interface skins for program customization.

LetsExtract Email Studio:

LetsExtract Email Studio is an email extractor and also a phone number extractor software. It can also extract Skype IDs of your leads. It can perform searches for various sources which are:

  • keywords using search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, ASK.
  • websites.
  • Whois database.
  • local files and folders.
  • mailbox.
  • specific domains.
  • Yellow Pages.
  • Facebook and Twitter.

For running a search operation, you may specify crawl depth or maximum number of pages to crawl. It contains a handy Link Generator tool and also allows you to bulk extract emails and phone numbers from given input. In the results, it shows phone numbers with owner, URL, title, meta keywords, meta description, and domain. It has options to filter results by using options such as remove duplicates, remove results from a domain, etc. You may further personalize some settings like URL filter, email filter,  phone number regular expressions, limit HTML page size, limit URL queue size, etc. It also has a built-in email verification tool.

Note: This software also doesn’t allow you to save results. Saving result requires purchasing a license.


These two free phone number extractors are very beneficial for your businesses as they help you extract leads’ phone numbers and information. Both of these are comprehensive software as they can perform deep scanning of sources and provide you phone numbers. These software are also very efficient as they save your time by performing phone number search in bulk. So, try these software for phone number extraction and do leave your comments below.

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