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Rinzler: Remove Shortcut Virus from USB Pen Drive and Clean Malicious Scripts

See how to remove shortcut virus from USB pen drive and clean malicious scripts. You can use the tool mention here to remove shortcut virus, malicious scripts, autorun files and other crap from pen drive



For almost half a decade, the shortcut virus is a very major problem for a lot of Windows users. And it’s kind of sucks when your pen drive becomes infected. The virus hides all the file in pen drive permanently and you can’t simply unhide them. That is why today I will tell you how to remove shortcut virus from USB pen drive and clean malicious scripts from it.

Actually, there are some VBS scripts that infect the pen drive and whenever you connect it, it reproduces and hides all the files permanently. Although, you can fix that and the manual process takes a huge amount of time. If that’s the case with you, then you can use a free open source software called Rinzler.

Rinzler is a very powerful software which can fix your pen drive easily. It allows you to remove autorun.inf, thumbs.db, and other malicious scripts present in your pen drive. Also, along with that, it can also unhide your files and folders in just one click. You just have to plug the infected pen drive in your computer and then call this software to save the day. In few seconds, you can unhide all the file and remove all the malicious script from the pen drive.

Using Rinzler to Remove Shortcut Virus from USB Pen Drive and Clean Malicious Scripts:

Rinzler offers an intuitive interface where you can choose different options to clean the USB drive. There are separate controls to remove malicious scripts and other executable files. You can completely remove thumbs.db and other autorun files easily. This software can also fix the corrupted registry editor and task manager.

Now it’s time to see Rinzler in action. Open the software and on its interface, you will see different buttons for different actions. You can plug the infected pen drive and select the drive in this software from the drop-down. Please make sure that you select the correct drive letter corresponding to your pen drive. Choosing the wrong disc may result in data lost.

usb cleaner rinzler remove shortcut virus

When it has detected your pen drive, you can click on different buttons to perform the corresponding actions. For example, you can make it delete all the executable files(EXE) in one short. Similarly, you can click on other buttons to unhide all your file and delete the autorun file and other scripts.

That is all you need to do for fixing your pen drive easily.

Download Rizler from here to fix pen drive

The Bottom Files:

I remember in the early days when I was using Windows 7, I frequently ran into this issue. It was such a headache to unhide all the files by using the command prompt and other complex things. If you are one of those victims of shortcut virus, that start using the tool about witch the whole post is. In addition to this, I will recommend you to use latest antivirus software or always keep Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials updated.

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