Parental Control Extension for Google Chrome

eSafely is a very useful parental control extension for Google Chrome. This simple extension will provide kid-friendly access to Facebook, YouTube, and Wikipedia. It also blocks inappropriate content from other websites and does not allows opening it. You can get it for free from the Google Web Store under the “Productivity” category.

Apart from YouTube, Facebook, and Wikipedia as the main services for which it provides secure access, it also provides kids-friendly web and image search through its partner portal which allows only clean results for Search (Blocking all the inappropriate and adult content).

parental control extension

Lets get you a better idea about what features it provide.

Get Kids-Friendly Resources using this Parental Control Extension for Google Chrome:

eSafely extension for Google Chrome provides kid-friendly access to Youtube, Facebook, and Wikipedia. For these, it works as explained below.

Friendly Access To Facebook

Facebook is one of the most visited social networks. But apart from providing you with a platform for socializing and accessing invaluable information, this social networking site is one of the most vulnerable platforms when it comes to Cyber Bullying. Along with this, there have been instances of fake ID’s which also indulge in posting inappropriate content online which can be accidently accessed.

For those unsolicited posts, this parental control extension will block them from being opened or viewed from your profile.

Another functionality or you can say security it provides here is in the Facebook Chat. For the instances of Cyber Bullying, offending someone, the extension when installed will filter all the Chats.

If there is any such instance, it will block such content from appearing and will notify the user with ’Please be Polite’ message.

Youtube Safety

For Youtube, this parental control extension will change the Safety settings to ‘ON’.

If there is some inappropriate content as a result of a search,  then usually a message like ‘This content may be inappropriate and you would have to sign in to confirm your age’ appears and by following the Sign In procedure we are able to view it. This extension, on the other hand, would just filter such searches and such results won’t appear anymore.

Safe Web and Image Search

This Chrome extension, once installed will work with any of the search engines you are using to search a particular web resource or image. The extension works with its partner portal to provide you with adult free and appropriate content.

If you are searching for Image or Web resource, then will search it for you, providing you only the adult free content. No matter which Search Engine you are using to get a particular Resource, this extension will enable search using

If any one tries to search for a some offending material, won’t just allow it

Wikipedia searching

For Wikipedia, this parental control extension would just filter all the searches and won’t allow any inappropriate content or images to appear, providing you with adult free and suitable content.

Other Inappropriate sites

In addition to these features, which have been mentioned here, if you open any other inappropriate website or try to open any inappropriate or adult content which is not Kid Friendly, then this extension would just won’t allow it to open. Any inappropriate images or videos would be blocked from being opened. This further adds and enhances the capability of the extension.

Key Features of eSafely

  • Provides safe content: eSafely provides safe content for your search which is free from any adult or inappropriate content.
  • Blocks inappropriate content from other Websites also providing a cleaner access.
  • Keeps control on instances of Bullying, Rudeness and abusing.
  • Provide Safe content for Wikipedia.
  • Does not allow searches for inappropriate images.


When I tried it for myself for checking its correctness, the extension took around 10 to 12 hours to start its intended functionality after being added. But after that, it worked out to be good for me, be its features for YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia or some other general search. Go ahead and give it a try.

Install “eSafely” from here.



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