Get List of Questions from Quora for the Topic you are Reading, Browsing

Suppose you are doing some research and want to get the relevant questions from Quora. In the normal scenario, you will design questions by yourself and will manually search them on Quora. But what if I tell you there is a smarter way of doing that? Luckily, if you are using Chrome browser then there is a smart extension available. The extension is named Quora for Us and it can get a list of questions from Quora for the topic you are browsing or reading. No matter what content you are reading on a page. As soon as you tap on its icon, it will show you related questions to the topic from Quora.

Quora for Us is a unique piece of extension that is useful for people doing research. Also, if you read a lot of content on a website like quotes, facts, news, etc., then you can use it. As you invoke it, it automatically understands what are you reading right now and show you the relevant questions. The questions are linked to the original source on Quora. Just click on the link and go to the question on Quora and enjoy.

Getting List of Questions from Quora for the Topic you are Reading, Browsing:

Currently, the Quora for Us extension is not available in Chrome store. You can only use it in developer mode. That is kind of a sad thing but don’t worry it is very easy. If you love Quora then you will surely like it and I would also recommend you know how to browse Quora anonymously.

So, cut to the chase, let’s see how to install the extension in Chrome. Clone the repo of Quora for Us as a ZIP file from here on your computer. Go to the extensions tab of the Chrome using settings. Or, type “chrome://extensions/” in the address bar for the same. From the extensions page, enable developer mode.

Chrome developer mode

Click load unpacked extension… and then specify the folder where you have extracted the contents of the repository of extension. After that, it will install the extension in the browser and its icon will be there on the top right corner.

chrome installing quora for us

Now, the extension is all ready to serve you. To test it, open any web page for a random topic and then click on the icon of the extension. You will see that it will list the similar questions from Quora according to the topic you are reading.

Quora for Us getting questions based on topic you are reading

You can clearly see how this extension brings questions from Quora for you. This is very unique and a lovely concept that will help the readers around the globe. The people who love reading and Quora will find it very useful tool. All in all, I think that it looks for the title of the page you are reading to show the questions. But no matter whatever the logic behind the extension is, I really admire it.

The Bottom Line:

I love Quora and I always look for the questions according to the topic I am searching on. And you won’t believe that I was waiting for such a tool to come into existence. Quora for Us has really made my life easier and I am enjoying it at its best.

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