10 Best Free Online Mandala Maker

This is a list of 10 best free online mandala maker. You may create mandala arts using these free web services. To make a mandala design, you are allowed to set up tools options. You may select shapes like circles, diamonds, flowers, braid, pie, etc., width, alpha, draw points, zoom value, line color, background color, mirror mode, no. of sections, etc. Besides that, you may select some mandala designs and color them. The final mandala design may be saved locally, printed, and shared to social networks.

Let’s see what are these free online mandala generator applications:

Color Mandala:

Color Mandala is a free online mandala generator. It allows you to create new mandala art or color various mandala arts. You may design a mandala by selecting shapes like diamond, polygon, flower, braid, pie, twist, triangle, heart, leaf, overlapping circle, rectangle. You may also set up repeats, width, rotation, etc. You may download designed mandala art as PDF and JPEG files. You may also print your mandala designs.

Note: You need to register a free account to use this free web service.

Mandala Creator:

Mandala Creator is a free online mandala maker. It is featured web service which allows you to create mandala arts. Its features are as follows:

  • It offers following drawing modes: Regular Line, Regular Fill, Smooth Line, Smooth Fill, PolyLine, Poly Fill. You may change to one of these drawing modes at any time.
  • It allows you to turn on mirror mode and set number of sides.
  • You may set width, alpha, draw points, zoom value, customize line color and gradient.
  • It allows you to save mandala art to SVG or image file. You may also publish your mandala design by signing up to this web service.

Mandala Maker Online:

Mandala Maker Online is a free web service which allows you to create mandala arts. You may draw mandala freely by setting up tools control. These are background color, brush color, no. of sectors, line width, mirror on or off. As you finish making mandala art, it can be saved in PNG image file.

STAEDTLER Mandala Creator:

STAEDTLER Mandala Creator is a free online mandala maker service. To draw a mandala art, it allows you to select layers, layer size and layer rotation and edit pattern, pattern size, pattern rotation, number of items. You are also allowed to choose a mandala art pattern from a few basic and artistic ones. You may print mandala art or download it as PDF. It allows you to copy mandala image and save it in PNG image.

Note: The output created by this web service contains a watermark on the top of the art.


MandalaGaba is a free online mandala maker. This web application allows you to set up tools and create a mandala art on the canvas by making use of mouse. You may use following tools to draw mandala: radial symmetry, triangular tessellation, square tessellation, hexagonal tessellation, spacing, line, fill, background color, color picker, smoothing, thickness, canvas size. You may save or share mandala art that you made.

Mandala Maker by Freegames66:

Mandala Maker by Freegames66 is a free online mandala art maker game. You may play this fun game online and create a mandala art. The art can be saved as a PNG image. You may set up tools options before you proceed to create mandala, like background color, brush color, no. of sectors, line width, turn mirror on or off.


Drawerings is another free web service to create mandala arts. You may specify Mirror count, Mirror rotation, Line width, Zoom, Background color, Line color and make a mandala art. It contains a timeline which shows steps taken in creating a mandala. Also, draw time and number of lines used are displayed. It offers a limited amount of ink which can be used in making a mandala art. You may download and save your created mandala locally.

Kaleidoscope Painter:

Kaleidoscope Painter is a free online service to create Kaleidoscope and mandala arts. It contains numerous patterns which can be used in making mandala arts. Besides that, you may set brush size, background color, dynabrush option, auto draw option. You may print your design or save it locally.


Myoats is a free online mandala generator app. You may create mandala art freely by using a brush and setting up line color. You may also turn on or off the mirror. It allows you to download or save mandala art and also share it.

Mandala Maker Online by Games for Girls:

Mandala Maker Online by Games for Girls is another free online game to make mandala arts. It allows you to set up control options like brush color, background color, number of sectors, mirror, line width, and make your mandala designs. Your arts can be saved as the PNG image.

There are some other good options available and one of them that I like is

Mandala Creator by MasterBundles:

mandala_creator (1)

Mandala Creator by MasterBundles is a free tool for creating your Mandala Designs. You can modify background & brush color, sector & line width.

Also, you can choose from random patterns. If you are interested in creating magical Mandala for any purposes, you are welcome to try Free Mandala Creator.


These are very easy web services which allow you to generate custom mandala arts. You may set up brush and tools options as per your requirement and generate a beautiful mandala design on the canvas. You are allowed to save your created mandala arts and plus, you may also share them with your friends on your social networks. Color Mandala is a good web app which allows you to design new mandala arts and also, to color some mandala designs. So, do try these mandala makers and leave your reviews in the comment below.

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