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How to Block a Website on Chrome

The one true solution to the problem How to Block a Website on Chrome? has been explained here with the help of a Chrome extension.



If you are distracted by some of the websites, then you can simply block them. Don’t know about other browsers, but if you are one of those, using Google Chrome, then it’s pretty simple to do that. And here I will tell you about how to block a website on Chrome. Well, a lot of people know that Chrome is an extensible browser. Which means its functionality can be enhanced by using extensions? And here I will explain the topic with the help of a very powerful Chrome extension to block websites. The Chrome extension I will talk about is called Focus. As the name suggests, this extension will help you focus on your work by simply blocking un-necessary websites for as long as you want.

In Focus Chrome extension, you just have to specify the URL of the website you want to block. You can add as many websites as you want. After blocking websites, when you try to open it, then the webpage will show the connection error. This extension is a very good tool for people to keep a strict parental control on Chrome. Also, this will minimize your distraction level from other useless websites.

How to Block a Website on Chrome?

Focus Chrome extension makes it very easy to block a website. You can block more than one website as well using this handy extension. However, there is no option to set time for how much time the site will be blocked. To unblock a site, you will have to manually remove it from the blocked website list.

No, let’s see how to download and install Focus to block websites in Chrome. Add Focus to Chrome and then after successful installation click on its icon, you should see its front end.

focus frontend

To block a website simply type its base URL in the box and block it. You can also add multiple URLs in the box, separated by comma. After blocking websites, it will appear in the blocked list of websites. And to unblock them, you can click on the Unblock button that appears in form of website you have blocked so far.

focus site blocking in action

So, this all about how to block a website on Chrome. And Focus extension is the best tool to do this without getting into the complicated method, such as installing third party software.

Get Focus Chrome extension from here.


The answer to the question how to block a website on Chrome has been given in the above post. With the help of Focus Chrome extension, you can easily block a website or a group of websites pretty easily.

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