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Wireless File Sharing Software for Windows, Mac, Android

AnySend is a pretty useful wireless file sharing software for Windows, Mac, and Android which you can use to share files via Wifi and without any hassle.



AnySend is a wireless file sharing software which you can use to share files between Windows, Mac, and Android using your local wireless network. Apps for iPad and iPhone are also in the making. With AnySend you right click on a file, select “Copy” and then select the device from the system tray, to which you are connected over WLAN, to send it the copied file.

wireless file sharing software

If you think that what we described in the introduction is difficult to setup, don’t worry, AnySend is entirely automated, without any kind of network configuration being required from you. What you see on the screenshot above is a list of devices which comes after a left click on the system tray icon. These are gonna be all the devices present on your local area network. Connected Android devices are gonna see this same list, only there you’ll be using the Android app of course. Key features of AnySend – wireless file sharing software are:

  • Free and easy to use – share files via WLAN in just a few clicks
  • Available for Windows, Mac, Android, with iPad/iPhone apps in the making
  • Security settings – control which devices are gonna be trusted
  • Notifications when received file, they can also be open automatically
  • System tray icon – minimizes and works entirely from the system tray

Most of us have several different devices, tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktops, you name it. Sharing files between portable devices which are connected wirelessly is very easy with AnySend because there’s no configuration, provided of course that all the other devices have AnySend up and running. Here are a few pointers to help you get started.

How to send and share files via Wifi with AnySend?

Files can be sent between computers only if both of them are running the AnySend app, which you can of course download for free. Once that you have it up and running, the only thing in order to start sharing files is right click on the file and select copy.

Copied file is added to the clipboard, but also to AnySend client down below from where you can easily send it to all the other devices connected using your local network.

With the file copied, the only thing that’s required from you is to left click on the device name from the AnySend list down below and to click on the name of the file that you’ve just copied from the menu pop up on the left.

Right-click on the system tray icon > Preferences to open up settings where additionally you can change network, security and profile settings. Only open this if there’s something wrong with how this wireless file sharing software works with default settings.


AnySend is easy to setup, there’s practically no setup, but at the same time, everything works. Files are sent automatically just by copying them and selecting the desired destination device from the list down below. Lot’s of platforms are supported with a lot more coming your way. Free download.

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