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Winamp2-js is a Free Online Winamp Music Player

Winamp2-js is the online implementation of the classical Winamp Music Player. You can play songs in it, organize playlists, control playback



I don’t think today’s generation will ever know about Winamp. It was one of the most popular music players that used to be installed on every computer. By the time, it swept away but a developer has now launched an online version of the classical Winamp. It is known as Winamp2-js and you can play your songs in it like you used to play any in Winamp music player. Also, it supports major playback controls of the Winamp. You just have to open it in your browser and drag the songs you want to play. In addition, it offers the music equalizer and the playlist manager.

Winamp2-js exactly looks like the old Winamp player and works in the same way. And on top of that, the best part is that it is open source. The developer has released the code on GitHub and you can fork it. If you want to enhance it, then you are free to do so. It works at the same pace and you will enjoy using it for your daily music listening session. Just have to open it in the browser, feed some songs and it will play them for you. You can use it while working.

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How to use Online Winamp Music Player?

To use this online Winamp you cant go to its website and wait for it to load fully in your browser. Next, you can select songs from your computer and drag them on its interface. All the songs that you add will appear in the playlist manager. You can change their order and also opt for shuffling.

winamp2-js online version of winamp

You can use the playback controls that used in old Winamp player. And one thing I would like to mention about this online music player is that the Equaliser and playlist window is detachable. You can place it anywhere on the screen wherever you like. The shortcuts to play, pause or switch the next song are same as the conventional Winamp has.

winamp2-js online version of winamp draggable interface

Above you can clearly see in the screenshots how the online version of Winamp looks like. You can use it anytime you want and if you have enough knowledge to program it further than fork it on GitHub.

Wrap up

Just like me, if you used to be a loyal user of Winamp music player, then you should try out this Winamp2-js which is the online version of the same. Most of the functions are working nicely and you can start playing local songs from your computer in it. However, the developer hasn’t finished with it yet. So, maybe you can get to see other features in it soon.

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