A Website Audit May Be The First Thing Your Business Needs In 2022

It’s a new year, and many businesses in Charlotte are already up to a wonderful start. Maybe yours is doing well, or maybe it could do better.

Or perhaps you struggled for sales throughout 2021, and it felt like nobody was visiting your website. A website audit is probably what you need right now.

What is a Website Audit?

A website audit is a technical analysis of your website by checking all factors affecting its visibility in search engines. In simpler terms, a website audit involves examining your website health. It’s like going to see the doctor.

website audit

Via an audit, you discover loopholes in your website that may hamper its visibility, giving you insight into how performance can be improved.

What exactly does a website audit look into?

Notably, a website audit will look and give insight into:

  • User experience
  • User engagement
  • SEO
  • Website speed and performance
  • Functionality
  • Security
  • Social media presence

How can a website audit help your business?

A website audit helps you see whether or not your website is optimized and performing up to snuff to achieve your traffic goals.

For example, if you discover your SEO, engagement, and website speed are poor, a large-scale search engine optimization or website redesign should be the next step.

Obviously, if your local SEO isn’t great, you’ll have difficulty getting clicks from users near you in Charlotte. Sourcing Charlotte web design experts to redesign your website can help optimize and improve your website speed. A redesign process can also help to improve your site’s mobile friendliness if it lacks in this area.

Many things impact your website presence and whether users would want to remain on your page. And when they’re not up to expectations, your online visibility and, therefore, sales will suffer. These things are what you examine through a site audit.

In short, it’s advisable to have a web audit on your radar at the beginning of every quarter.

What about a negative site audit?

A negative website audit or negative SEO audit checks to undercover those harmful practices that hurt your website performance.

For example, if your web content is of poor quality, plagiarized, or outdated, you can discover this information through a negative SEO audit.

A negative SEO audit helps you discover those things you’re doing that Google frowns upon and may even penalize you for.

Why should enterprises never ignore SEO audits?

A site audit is especially crucial for large-scale organizations. In short, it is an integral part of any Enterprise SEO framework.

For Enterprises, SEO audits offer more than just spotting errors. Organizations become even more profitable after a website audit. That’s because it gives them insight into new revenue opportunities based on new areas of search. What is your target audience asking about these days?

Companies that do not perform regular SEO audits are leaving money behind untouched.

What are the different aspects of website audit?

A website audit can be categorized into:

  • Site health audit
  • Security audit
  • Competitor website audit
  • Penalty and recovery audit
  • Social media presence audit
  • Duplicate content audit
  • Conversion rate optimization audit
  • Negative SEO audit

Next steps

Now that you know how a website audit can help your business, it’s a great idea to find an expert as soon as possible. It wouldn’t be very nice to leave things as they are while your competitors scoop all the money on the table.

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