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Create Video Slideshow from Photos for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat

See what it takes to create video slideshow from photos for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram & other social network sites with Vidmonk.



Video slideshows look very awesome and they are perfect for uploading to social media sites like Facebook. Previously we have discussed the Facebook’s video slideshow feature, but that was only for Facebook. There are other social media sites, what about them? So, to create and use video slideshows on other social networking sites like Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and any other social network. There is an online video slideshow maker tool available, calls itself Vidmonk. You can use it to make video slideshows and share them on your social network accounts. Vidmonk allows you to create a video slideshow from the photos you upload and you can add photos from Unsplash as it comes with Unsplash integration. You can search for photos say for a birthday, and then add them to your video slideshow.

Vidmonk has several other advantages too. In this, you don’t have to worry about the animation effects and processing of the frames. You just have to add photos and then it will handle the other editing stuff by itself. t will automatically handle the animation part. However, it takes a few minutes to process your video (up to 15 minutes). And after creating your slideshow, you can play it on the website itself. If you think something isn’t right, you can edit it. It lets you download video on your device and then you can manually upload the video slideshow anywhere you would like to upload.

Creating Video Slideshow from Photos for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat via Vidmonk

If you know how video slideshow works, then I am sure that you will figure out how to use Vidmonk. And if you don’t know how this works, then lets me tell you that. I will give a complete guide to use Vidmonk to create slideshow videos.

Go to the Vidmonk’s  official website and register a free account. After the account has created you can start your first video slideshow. Create a new project and name it something. After that, you can start uploading photos. You can either upload photos from your mobile or computer or you can add photos by searching for the free images. Vidmonk has Unsplash integration. You can directly search for images and add them to your video slideshow.

add photos to video slideshow vidmonk

The minimum number of images that a videos slideshow can have is 3. You can add animation by clicking on the +Add Animation button and provide the corresponding image. Similarly, add other images and create your video slideshow. Submit the video to Vidmonk and it will process that for. However, it may take a few minutes to process slideshow. After the video slideshow has processed, you can play it and download it. Also, if you think there is something wrong, you can edit it as well.

vidmonk video slideshow created

This is the correct way of creating a video slideshow from photos for Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat via Vidmonk.

Bottom Lines:

Vidmonk is a very nice video slideshow maker tool for social media sites. You can make video slideshow from photos and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and much more. The best thing about Vidmonk is that there is no manual adding of the animation as it chooses the best animation for your video by itself.

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