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How to Use Instagram Superzoom Feature

In this post, we will see how to use Instagram Superzoom feature. You can use it to record videos with dramatic zooming effect and sound.



Instagram has always been adding fun features like the Boomerang, Rewind, Live Video and also advanced features like business account, two-factor authentication, etc. Recently, they have rolled out another fun feature i.e. Superzoom. It can be used to record a video with a dramatic zooming effect. What makes Superzoom more fun it the fact that it also adds a dramatic sound effect to the video. So, here in this post, we will see how to use Instagram Superzoom feature.

To use this feature, make sure you have the latest update of the Instagram app. Superzoom can be accessed from the inbuilt camera. When you tap the Superzoom button, it will make the camera to zoom automatically and also add the dramatic music. The music sounds quite like a suspenseful and thrilling tone and perfect for shocking reactions. You can record a Superzoom video for anything you want as your own face, your dog’s tongue licking, or even your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s goofy face.

How to Use Instagram Superzoom Feature?

After opening the Instagram app navigate to the camera. Superzoom will be available next to the Boomerang option below the Record button.

instagram superzoom feature

You can now keep the camera focus on the face or anything of which you want to record a Superzoom. Then just press the Record button and the Superzoom will be recorded. It only records for five seconds. The suspenseful music will be added automatically, you don’t have to worry about that.

You can even add text captions, doodle, emojis, and stickers to the Superzoom. Once all done, you can send the Superzoom to your Instagram friends via direct messaging, post it, add it to your daily story, and download it to phone storage.


So, I hope this post will now help you use Instagram Superzoom feature. You can start making some fun videos with it and share them with your loved ones on Instagram. It is personally my favorite feature after Boomerang of course. Kudos Instagram for making users happy with these kinds of small and ridiculous features. It works on iOS and Android.

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