Do Twitter Sentiment Analysis for Free Online, Download Report in CSV

See how to do Twitter Sentiment Analysis for free online. Export the sentiment tweet data to CSV file and sentiment chart to png, jpeg file



We all know that Twitter is one place where you can see what is trending our nearby. But, you don’t know how people are reacting to that trend. And if you want to know about how people are reacting to a topic, then here you will know now. Today I will tell you about how to do Twitter Sentiment Analysis for free. And here I will be explaining an open source tool that you can use for Sentiment analysis on Twitter. The tool I am going to use for this post is called Tweet Sentiment. Its website is available and you can get to know the sentiment data for a specific keyword. However, the bright part is that you can export the sentiment report to CSV file. And you can save the sentiment graph as a PNG file.

If you are new to the concept of Twitter Sentiment Analysis, then let me clarify it first. It is one of the features of Twitter by which you can see how many people are reacting positively, negatively, and neutrally to a specific topic on Twitter. You can collect this report with the help of Twitter API. Also, you can visualize it and analyze it. And that’s what I am going to do in this post.

How to do Twitter Sentiment Analysis for Free Online?

Tweet Sentiment is one of the best free and opensource Twitter sentiment analysis tool available on Earth right now. You just have to put a keyword in it and it will show you the sentiment analysis result for that. You can see the top 100 tweets according to the positive, neutral, and negative sentiments. It uses a color code to show tweets of various sentiments. The tweets with positive sentiments are denoted by Blue color, neutral by Green, and the negative ones are by Red color. Along with this report, you can see a pie chart of the sentiment analysis. And you can export the sentimental tweets to a CSV file and the pie chart as a PNG, JPEG, and SVG graphics.

With this Twitter sentiment analysis tool, you simply start by its official website. After landing on the main page of the website, you will have to enter the desired keyword to start sentiment analysis.

Hit search button after typing a keyword. After that, it will show you the top 100 tweets of various sentiments for the keyword. Also, it will show a sentiment graph (pie chart) that you can visualize and analyze.

After fetching the Sentiment data, you can export the tweets to a CSV file. And the graph can be exported as PNG, JPEG, SVG graphic image.

See, now you must have understood that how easy it is to do Twitter sentiment analysis. And it is a lot easier if you do it online with the help of free tool that I have mentioned. Though, the same can be done with the help of another tool called Tweet Sentiment Visualization. But, I have chosen Tweet Sentiment for this post because I found it to be straight forward one and less complicated.

Reach home page of Tweet Sentiment

Bottom Lines:

I never thought that doing Twitter sentiment analysis would that easy until I came across Tweet Sentiment. And I really appreciate the developer to create such tool for people like us to make our life easy. I still use this tool very often and if you want to do sentiment analysis, this is the perfect one. Also, if you are interested in other Twitter tools, then you may like to enable two factor authentication in Twitter, send dm to multiple people at once on Twitter, etc.


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