How to Browse Twitter in Night Mode on Web

Tired of using default Twitter’s interface? Then switch to dark mode in Twitter. Read this guide about browsing Twitter in night mode on Web.



While using Twitter on web, sometimes it bothers our eyes due to its bright interface. And if you are using it in the late night in a dark room, then surely, there will be a bad impact of it on your eyes. So, it’s better to use dark color mode on Twitter. However, the night mode feature n Twitter is available in the iOS app, but, now with the help of some tweaks, you can use night mode feature on the web-app of Twitter as well. This will require Chrome browser, which is also quite popular as well. So, today I will tell you how to browse Twitter in night mode on web. To achieve this, there is a very simple extension for Chrome is available. The extension’s name is Twitter Web – Night Mode.

Twitter Web – Night Mode easily integrates into Chrome and there’s nothing you have to touch so heavy to make it work. Just after you have added, it starts doing its function. You can anytime deactivate night mode whenever you feel it’s not required. The extension works like a charm. However, this extension will not work on any other social media sites. So, if you want a dedicated extension for Chrome to use night mode in Chrome, then you have come to the right place.

How to Browse Twitter in Night Mode on Web?

Twitter Web – Night Mode extension makes it easy to browse Twitter in night mode. If you are a regular Twitter user, then I would suggest you use other Twitter tools as well along with the Night Mode. There are some very useful Twitter tools available such as Twitter followers downloader, Twitter analytics tool, and some others.

First of all get Twitter Web – Night Mode from Chrome Store. After that, add it to your Chrome browser. Next, you will see its icon in Chrome toolbar. By default, it will activate automatically. And if it’s not, then its icon will be of blue color.

After adding the extension, the Twitter’s interface will look like this. Although, you can also deactivate the night mode by clicking again on its icon, do it when you no longer need it.

This way, you can easily browse Twitter in night mode n web. It is very easy to do that and it will give you a whole new experience of browsing Twitter. Also, last but not least, it will relax your eyes to a better extent.

Bottom Line:

Twitter Web- Night Mode extension will let you browse Twitter in night mode on the web. Not only to relax eyes, if you are sick of tired of the Twitter’s default interface, then you can give it a break. Try out this nice Chrome extension and it won’t let you down. So, get up and experience night mode in Twitter.


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