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How to Translate Selected Text in Browser to any Language

See how to translate selected text in the browser to any language. Use this guide and use the tool the mentioned here to translate text in Chrome in the easiest way possible



While browsing the internet on the computer we surely come to a page which has text in an un-understandable language. And in that case, we need to translate that with instantly. Though most browsers come with a built-in translator, but that doesn’t work in some cases. That is why today I will tell you how to translate selected text in the browser. Here I will tell you about free Chrome extension that you can use to instantly translate the selected text. It supports multiple languages and it can also pronounce the selected text. Not only that, if you want you can manually you just told to translate any piece of text.

The extension that I will mention here is called Translator. And it uses Google Translate, Bing Translate, Yandex Translate, Promt Translator, Pragma Translator, Baidu Translator, Urban Dictionary or Babylon Translator. It is a very powerful extension that you can use to get the precise translation of any piece of text. On top of that, internet required to create an account in order to use it services. Just install it and start using it.

How to Translate Selected Text in Browser to any Language?

In the past articles, we have discussed some chrome extensions to enable night mode, see a floating YouTube window, etc. But here, the Translator extension is it completely different and very useful tool. There are some websites where only you need to translate some specific part of the text. Since the built-in translator can’t do that, so you can use this handy tool.

Go ahead and install Translator chrome extension from Chrome store. And after adding it to the browser you can start using it right away. You just have to select any text and press the icon of the extension from the toolbar. Next, choose the target language, in which you want to translate the text. Then it will show the result of the translation to you.

translator chrome extension

Not only by selecting text but you can manually copy paste text and translate it. There is a long list of languages into which you can translate the selected text. And you can even hear the pronunciation to analyze the final output of the translation.

translator chrome extension manual translation

Translator extension is a useful tool for a daily user or copyeditors. They surf internet a lot and they come to some web pages which show text in the unidentifiable language. And that is where this extension comes to save the day.

The Bottom Line

Although the building translator of Chrome works fine, the problem is that translates the webpage as a whole. And I was looking for tool exactly like this Translator Chrome extension. It can easily translate any selected piece of text without heavy lifting. You can translate the text to any language and in the easiest way possible using this tiny Chrome extension. So, go ahead and give it a go and share what you think about it in the comments section.

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