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Top 5 Ford SYNC Apps That Are Perfectly Compatible With Your Car

There are many car apps compatible with the Ford SYNC. Find out about the best auto Ford SYNC apps that you can enjoy on your car.



It is worth paying tribute to the Ford Motor Company, which, despite more than one century of its existence, does not give up its position in front of young automobile companies that create and implement technologies for their vehicles by leaps and bounds.

This company also does not stand still and is constantly working to equip its models with advanced technologies that make life easier for drivers and make their car trips more comfortable. One of these innovative technologies was Ford SYNC, which is an infotainment system installed on more than 10 models of the company. Such models can also be found at Ford car rental, which offers a huge variety of car rentals for hire. Going on a business trip or travel, you can rent a car at a reasonable price, enjoy the first-class car rental service and take pleasure in your trip.

We will talk about the applications that you can install on your smartphone, both Android and iOS, that will make your trip in a Ford car even more convenient.

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Top Ford SYNC Apps

Ford SYNC Apps

To download the applications below, you do not need to pay for them. They are perfectly compatible with the prevailing number of models of this car manufacturer, so you can install them on your infotainment system. These apps, along with voice control, music control, and more, will make your road trips a pleasure.


With this application, you will have access to a voice assistant, which will be indispensable, especially when you are driving and all your attention should be directed to safe driving. This voice assistant will not only fulfill your requirements but will also be able to keep up a conversation with you if you are traveling alone. It will be able to turn on music playlists for you, read a book for you that you want to read but can’t get around to, remind you of planned activities, events, or meetings, report weather conditions, set up navigation, and also provide access to lots of entertainment.

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

Waze ford sync

Even though your car has many ways to get directions to your destination, this app will delight you with access to more advanced features that other car apps do not have.

Firstly, it can inform you in real-time about what is happening on the roads. Even if you choose a path that you know very well, you will be able to receive information about whether there are traffic jams, accidents, or roadworks on this section of the road. In the event of such problem areas, it will generate a new route so that you do not have to stand in traffic jams. Moreover, you will be able to find out the time of your arrival at your destination, as well as find out information about the gas stations where you can buy gasoline at the cheapest price.


In some cities, the weather can be so unpredictable that at one moment the sun can shine brightly, and in a few minutes later it will begin to rain, there will be strong gusts of wind, and much more. This can complicate your road trip. To avoid such situations, this application will help you, which will inform you about changes in weather conditions. In case of danger, you can cancel the trip, or wait until everything calms down.


Stitcher ford sync

During a road trip, entertainment plays an important role, especially if you have long hours of car travel ahead of you. This application will prove to be indispensable, as it contains numerous podcasts on various topics, and you can choose something to listen to. You can also find your favorite options that you constantly listen to and stay tuned for new material. What’s more, you can select your favorite podcasts and the app will notify you when new episodes are released.


When traveling to different cities or countries, many often make a list of places they would like to visit. This applies to various cafes, restaurants, local nightclubs, attractions, and much more. However, now you will not need to look through this information in advance since this application will become your guide to such places and provide all the information you need in one place. Moreover, you will be able to find out about the various activities and events that will take place in the cities you visit.


Ford is in no way inferior to its competitors, and regularly introduces and implements modern technologies in its cars. The infotainment system installed in the cars of this company provides owners with access to numerous applications that make road trips more comfortable.

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