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Top 3 Gmail Client for Windows to Access Gmail from PC

Check out these top 3 Gmail client for Windows that will let you access your Gmail account right from your PC without accessing any web browser.



In this post, we will talk about the top 3 Gmail client for Windows which let you access your Gmail account right from your PC, without accessing any web browser. These free Gmail clients let you read, send, attach files, mark as favorite, and allow you to do a lot more. Some of these free Gmail desktop clients support Gmail’s two-step verification to provide you ensured security so that no unauthorized user can access your private data.

Below I’ve reviewed the top 3 Gmail clients for Windows named, Mailbird, GeeMail, and GMailS, which you can use to read or send emails from your PC with ease.

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Mailbird is one of the top Gmail clients for Windows that lets you access Gmail from PC, without even opening your browser. This Gmail client supports multiple accounts. You can add Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, iCloud, and many other IMAP-enabled emails. It provides you icons for inbox, sent, drafts, favorites, search tool, and more to the extreme left side of the interface. Next, to that, it provides you a column that shows the list of email, and to the right-hand side of the interface, it lets you preview your emails so that you can read and reply accordingly.

This Gmail client lets you receive and send emails, allows you to group them as favorite or by using labels. This free Gmail client for Windows comes with inbuilt Graphical HTML editor which you can use for formatting, adding images, etc. It provides you various additional plugins for Dropbox, Google Drive, attachments, calendar, and more, which you can use for attachment management, calendar integration, contact management, etc. It has the ability to sit silently in the system tray and to provide you sound notification for new emails. It provides you search tool which you can use quickly to find messages, attachments, contacts, and more. Grab this stylish free Gmail client to access Gmail accounts right from your PC.


GeeMail is another useful Gmail client for Windows. This Gmail client provides you interface which is quite similar to that of Gmail. It lets you view all our emails, and also allows you to reply, save as drafts, mark as favorite, delete, categorize, label, or do anything else like in Gmail web version. It provides you offline support which you can use to read or compose emails and send them when connected to the internet.

The best part of this Gmail client is that you can compose the email and hit “Send” button so that next time when you get connected to the internet it detects internet connection and sends your email instantly. Install this free Gmail client on your desktop to experience Gmail like supports without opening your web browser.


GMailS is also a useful Gmail client for Window that allows you to send emails directly from your PC without opening any web browser. It has the Cc feature which you can use while sending emails. It lets you send attachments via email, but at the same time allows to send only one attachment at a time. It facilitates you to adjust alignment, font, and allow you to modify text using bold, underline, or italics. It offers you simple, handy, and straight-forward interface with limited features.

Although, this free Gmail client does not provide many features but at the same time it provides you ensured privacy as it supports two-step verification, which is one the best feature of this desktop Gmail client.


Now every time you don’t have to open your web browser as you can try out these free Gmail clients for Windows to access Gmail account right from your desktop. Check out and pick your favorite from the list provided. Share your feedback and suggest us if you use some other Gmail client in the comments below.

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