Comparison Between Tele Marketing & Email Marketing

If you’re a business professional or you run your own business, then you know how vital branding & marketing is to your overall business achievement. The basic truth is that, without marketing, no one will realize that your business exists and the chance that somebody is going to buy anything from you will be little. There are various tactics which can be used by your business for promoting its product and marketing.

But, Tele marketing and Email Marketing are probably the best and top marketing & advertising strategies utilized by high performing organizations. Dig some information about any successful business person and how he had achieved the success, and you can make certain that one or both of these strategies will come up with the answer. Now, let me explain both the marketing strategies and their advantages over one another.

Telemarketing is a business tactic that includes connecting with clients via phone, or recent method of video-conferencing. It is the method by which business firms can proactively advance and promote their products, and also establish a direct communication with the business clients or prospects. But nowadays, it is reputed as one of the most isolating and divisive marketing tactics, because some of the companies irritate prospects with unethical telephonic practices such as “Robo-Calling”. It is a telephonic practice in which a pre-recorded voice or instructions gets delivered to clients in the database via automatic dialing machine. Due to such kind of telemarketing practices, dozens of government rules and regulations are implemented in several nations.

tele marketing

Apart from all this nuisance caused by telemarketing, let us talk about the good and better part of this marketing strategy. There are various ways where your business can run telemarketing campaigns in an effective and ethical manner. It can offer some assistance to a wide range of companies with achieving enhanced results in various ways. In spite of the fact that the most apparent type of telemarketing includes organization calls to people at home to pitch them items, telemarketing is additionally a critical system and strategy in business-to-business deals, event advancement or promotion, political crusading, and lead era for more refined deals techniques.

Ultimately, Telemarketing can be utilized to accomplish a few distinctive business objectives, like selling & offering a product, creating leads for a business group or sales team, directing reviews & gathering prospect information, keeping up contact with existing clients or urging past clients to return, and much more.

Email Marketing means marketing or advertising a specific business message to existing clients or new clients via email. In other words, each email sent to prospects which include promotions, business request, request deals or gifts is considered as email marketing. In spite of the fact that it’s unquestionably the most current type of marketing, it is likewise one of the best for various reasons. Email advertising is extremely efficient and economical. As long as you are connected to an Internet connection, you can send as many business emails as you want absolutely free. Email is likewise something that is moderately subtle, doesn’t take days to set-up, easily accessible on smartphones & similar devices, and pretty easy to track.

email marketing

The best approach & practice of email marketing is the targeted approach, where you’re promoting endeavors are sent just to individuals that you have decided are keen on what you need to offer. There are few ethical practices which you need to keep in mind while creating an email marketing strategy or campaign. Ensure clients that you’re not a spammer, and only send emails that are somehow useful to the customers. In addition to that, keep different email lists as per prospect’s requirements, offer something in return to customers for subscribing (e-books, useful tips, etc.), send emails with a relevant formatting with interactive design and layout, and so on.

Email Marketing has several advantages over Telemarketing, such as cheaper, faster, and you can send a business email to a vast list of customers simultaneously, whereas in telemarketing you need to call each customer and pitch the offer or product manually. But, if you wish to boost your business growth with marketing strategies, then I would recommend you to combine both Email Marketing and Telemarketing. For example, let’s say you want to pitch a product sale to customers, then you can approach them via telephone and if they are interested and keen on purchasing the product. You can send the product descriptions and pricing via email, as explaining product features via telephone is less reliable than send the descriptions via email.