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Stream Twitter on your PC with a Specific Keyword, Stream Tweets on PC

See how to stream Twitter on your PC with a specific keyword. Here you’ll find a cross platform tool to stream Twitter right on the terminal



Last time I talked about Twitter sentiment analysis and if you read that right, then you must be having an idea about it. There you could see that how people are acting to a certain trend. You were able to analyze the behavior of people. Now, in a similar context, I will tell you about how to stream Twitter on your PC with a specific keyword. By streaming Twitter on your PC, you will get to see a lot of tweets from different people who are talking about a specific topic. And with that specific keyword, you can stream tweets and analyze them. I don’t know what you will do with streaming tweets, but the tool that you will need to that I will tell you here. Actually, here I will use a command line based tool that can stream Twitter by a specific keyword.

The command line tool that I have planned to use here has a name, node-tweet-cli. You can call it a command line Twitter client as it can post a tweet for you right from the terminal. It supports Twitter streaming feature and I am going to only focus on that part here. The node-tweet-cli tool will help you stream Twitter with any keyword you give to it as input. The best use of this tool will be in reading tweets regarding a new trending topic. You just have to run a simple command to stream Twitter on your PC.

How to Stream Twitter on your PC with a Specific Keyword, Stream Tweets on PC?

node-tweet-cli works with Node.js. And because of that fact, it can be run on any platform. With the help of this charming tool, you can stream tweets with a specific keyword on Linux, MAC, and Windows respectively. However, you may find it difficult to use if don’t have any idea about command line tools.

So, without wasting so much time, let’s start. After making sure that Node.js has configured properly, you can run this command to install node-tweet-cli on your PC.

npm install -g node-tweet-cli

node tweet cli twitter stream

After installing it next step is to authorize your account. Since this tool uses pin verification method, so it will be easy for you to authorize your account before using this tool. Just run the ‘tweet login’ command in it and it will open the browser window, take you to Twitter and will show a pin that you can enter in the terminal when prompted.

Now, the tool has been set up and ready to stream tweets. However, that’s not the only function it can do. You can use this tool to do other tasks as well. But that is not our primary purpose. So, cut to the chase, lets only focus on the streaming part. To stream twitter with a keyword just type the following command and see the magic on the terminal.

tweet stream "your keyword"

streaming twitter on PC for free with a keyword

In the above picture, you can clearly see that how Twitter streaming works. Also, you can clearly see that I tried to stream Twitter with “despacito” and it did that.

In the same way, you can stream Twitter in a very efficient manner. Whenever you feel need to stream Twitter, then this post will be a great help to you.

node-tweet-cli hompage


I never thought that streaming Twitter would that easy with the tool I have mentioned above. After understanding the tool, you will be easily able to stream Twitter on your PC with a specific keyword, stream Tweets on PC.

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