How to Stop Videos from Auto Playing on Facebook App and Web

In this post, we will see how to stop videos from auto playing on Facebook App and Web. These days, videos have turned out to be one of the real components of social networks. This is why all the social networks that support videos including Facebook are adding new features to enable you to watch videos flawlessly. One of these features is called the “Auto-Play” videos, which begins auto playing videos each time you look to the video posts.

Facebook may have added this component to enable you to watch videos without stressing over playing them manually and furthermore to ensure that you never miss a video on your home feed. In any case, it is far-fetched that you need to watch every one of the Facebook videos on your home feed as some of them may comprise fake content, creepy & frightening graphics, and so forth. Aside from the inconvenience, it additionally gobbles up your mobile data in the event that you’re using the Facebook app on your phone. To get rid of this, today I will disclose how to prevent Facebook videos from auto-playing on Android, iPhone, and Web.

How to Stop Videos from Auto Playing on Facebook App and Web?

Stopping the “Auto-Play” feature is a straightforward task, as you can do that with few changes in your Facebook settings. So, we should begin.

How to Stop Videos from Auto Playing on Facebook Android App:

To stop videos from auto-playing on Android, just open the Facebook app and after that tap on the Sandwich button at the base. Then move down until the point that you discover the App Settings option.

Click on the App Settings and pick Auto-Play from the rundown. When you do that, you’ll see the option for stopping Facebook videos from auto-playing. You should simply activate the option Never Auto-Play Video and you’re finished. No more auto-playing videos on the Facebook Android app.

How to Stop Videos from Auto Playing on Facebook iPhone App:

To start with, open the Facebook app on your iPhone. From that point forward, tap on the “Sandwich” symbol at the base right corner of the screen. Now, basically select the “Settings” and a popup will show up where you have to choose Account Settings.

When you select Account Settings, every one of the account related settings will open up. Go down on the screen and select the Videos and Photos option. At that point tap the Auto-Play option and afterward pick Never Auto-Play Videos from the rundown. That is all, now the videos won’t play automatically on the Facebook iPhone app.

How to Stop Videos from Auto Playing on Facebook Web:

The Auto-Play videos feature can likewise be stopped on the Facebook web. For that open Facebook web on a browser and afterward tap on the Arrow symbol at the top screen. From the drop menu select the Settings option.

Afterward, the Settings window will show up with different options on the left side. Tap on the Videos settings on the left and you will see an Auto-Play Videos option alongside a drop menu. Tap on the drop menu and afterward turn it off, that is it. Doing as such, you would now be able to stop videos from auto-playing on the Facebook web.


In the event that you need to get rid of inconvenience caused by the auto-playing videos on Facebook app and web, then this instructional guide can enable you to do that easily. With straightforward changes in Facebook settings, you can stop the Auto-Play feature for Facebook videos.