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How to Sort Answers on Quora by Views, Upvotes, Date, and Comments

See how to sort answers on Quora by views, upvotes, date, and comments. Just install the extension and follow the simple guide which is given here



One of the most ironical thing about Quora is that there is no option to sort answers. By default, Quora sorts the answers by the relevancy. So, if you are reading some answers and then you want to sort them by some other criteria like upvotes or the date on which they were published then you can’t do that. But here, I will tell you a simple trick to sort answers on Quora by comments, upvotes, views, and comments. There is a are very simple Chrome extension called Quora Quick Sort, which lets you do that.

Quora Quick Sort is a simple plugin for Chrome browser to sort answers on Quora. It can easily sort answers based on the date, upvotes, views, and comments. You just have to open the question page and invoke the extension and set the sort criteria. The extension then quickly organize the answer feed according to the sorting behavior that you have applied. Previously, I have talked about how to activate dark theme on Quora and fetching questions from Quora according to a topic, etc. So, if you are an honest Quora user, then you should take this guide seriously.

Sorting Answers on Quora by Views, Upvotes, Date, and Comments:

Quickly head over to the Chrome web store and install Quora Quick Sort. After that, you are all ready to sort answers on Quora. Just open Quora and then open any question you like.

Now, to sort the answers, you just have to click the icon of the extension and then several sorting options will pop up. The main sorting options are Upvotes, Comments, Recency, and Views. You can choose any option and then answers will be sorted in that manner.

quora sort answers by views, upvotes, comments and date

That’s all the hard work you have to do for sorting answers on Quora. Th extension above will help you to sort the answers on Quora easily and you will find it more interesting this way browsing Quora.

The Bottom Line:

If you were looking for ways for sorting answers on Quora, then I am glad to announce that you can now easily do that. Quora Quick Sort is a nice extension which can help you with that. You can easily sort answers on Quora according to various criteria as per your convenience. Just install the extension and you are done.s You can free to sort answers in any way you like.

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