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Do Social Media Competitor Analysis of your Website with

Do social media competitor analysis of your website with The website shows you stats of your competitors from social media sites



In today’s world, competition is what everyone is running into. No matter in which field you go, you will have to face competition everywhere. Especially when it comes to blogging, then you will come to know the real meaning competition. There are millions of blogs online today, not all of them are doing good. There is so much competition in them that you will need some competitor analysis tools. Especially, in that case, you will need to do social media competitor analysis to analyze your competitors’ social media stats. After knowing traffic and other stats of your competitors, you can create a better strategy to stand out in the crowd.

One such tool which lets you do social media competitor analysis is Kurmily. This website lets you analyze your top 5 competitors and their other social media stats. You can do Facebook, Twitter, analysis. Also, you can check other stats like gender analysis, website traffic and rank analysis. The website can show you a report for all these analyses at zero price.

How to do Social Media Competitor Analysis of your Website with

Kurmily website has a very nice-looking interface where you can see stats of your competitors. It also shows your website stats along with the others. You can see graphical stats of your competitors to analyse their traffic stats.

On the very first move to the homepage of Kurmily from here. And on the website, enter the URL of your website to start analyzing it. Or, you can also enter the URL of any website you want to analyze for the competitors.

kurmily website url

Here are the various types of analysis that Kurmily can show.

Traffic from Social Networks:

This is the first section on the website where you can see the social media traffic stats of your competitors. Here you can see traffic stats from Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and some others. You can see social media stats and analyze them. It shows the social media traffic in terms of percentage. Using the session, you can analyze which sources of social media you need to optimize for your site.

traffic from social network

Top Competitor Analysis:

In the top competitor analysis section, you can see your top 5 completed. Show the website URL of your competitors and some of their stats. In the competitor stats, you can see page views per user, bounce rate, and Alexa rank. Analyze the traffic analysis of your competitors here and make necessary strategies for your website.

top competitor analysis

Visitor Gender Analysis:

In this visitor gender analysis, you can see the number of males and female users accessing your website. Not only that, you can see the gender analysis for your competitors too. You can analyze whether males or females are interesting in your website. And later on, you can barely engage content by keeping gender analysis rate in your mind.

visitor gender analysis

Facebook Analysis:

Now comes crucial section. In the Facebook analysis, Kurmily search for your feeling of the page. And also, it searches page of your top competitors on Facebook. From this, you can analyze the number of followers on your page and on your competitor’s page. In addition to that, you can also see the share count of the posts from your top competitors on Facebook.

Facebook analysis

Twitter Analysis:

Next after Facebook analysis Twitter analysis. In the Twitter analysis, you can see the number of followers your competitors have. It also shows your follower, so you can have it a rough idea about the number of followers you need to increase on your Twitter with respect to the number of followers your competitors have. Engaging more people on your Twitter will surely increase the website traffic.

Twitter analysis

Traffic Sources:

Finally, in the last function which is traffic analysis, you can see the overall traffic stats of your competitors. Any traffic analysis report, you can see organic traffic, referral traffic, direct traffic, paid search, display ads, social media traffic, and traffic from email newsletters. Here you can analyze all the traffic stats of your website and your competitors’ website. And after analyzing these stats you can cook up a battle strategy to rank higher than your competitors. And for that, you will have to put your extra effort to make your website stand out in the crowd.

Twitter analysis

That’s it. This is how you can use this social media competitive analysis tool to analyze a website with your competitors’. And the tool does what it promises. Just enter the website URL of a competitor and get the various useful details about it.

If you like this tool, then there is a similar tool which can help you with Twitter analysis. If you are a regular Twitter user, you may want to have a look at that too.

Bottom Lines:

Kurmily Is one of the best social media competitor analysis tool that you can use for free. Just to let you explore your website for an enhanced social media analysis. From the analysis report of this tool, you can come up with the better strategy to grow your website. All in all, this website shows a great analysis report that anyone can use. And social media analysis report in what made me fall in love with this service. So, if you often use the use other third-party tools to do the same then it’s time to stop and switch to Kurmily now.

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