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How to Automatically Shrink Long Tweets on Twitter

See how to automatically shrink long tweets on Twitter. Shrink long tweets that occupy a lot of Twitter feed for nothing.



Now, the Twitter has doubled the tweets limit on Twitter I am seeing long tweets that occupy a fair space on my screen. I really don’t like that and probably you too. So, you know that it becomes a pain to see and tolerate those tweets. It would be nice that Twitter automatically shrinks those tweets so it won’t bother a user. But sadly, there is nothing to handle this automatically on Twitter. That’s why in this post, I have come up with this guide about how to automatically shrink long tweets on Twitter. And I will use a Chrome extension Squish to achieve this task.

Squish Chrome plugin first ask you to specify a limit as a number of lines a tweet should have in order to shorten it. And when it finds a long enough tweet on Twitter then it automatically shortens it. And to view that tweet is optional. If you want to see that tweet, then you will see a button in the place of a tweet that you can click. Later on, you will see the whole tweet. And this way the Squish extension for Chrome works.

How to Automatically Shrink Long Tweets on Twitter?

Shrinking long tweets on Twitter is very easy using Squish. You just have to specify the length of the tweet to be shortened and then the extension will do that for you. However, this extension doesn’t support short line numbers that you set. Currently, you can set the number of lines to 10, 50, 150, and 200.

So, first of all, install Squish Chrome extension and then its arrow like icon will appear. After the successful installation, you can set the maximum number of lines in the tweet that need to shrink.

squish shortens tweets on twitter

Now, after defining the number of lines to shorten it should start working. From now on whenever on twitter you come across a long tweet, then it will automatically shrink it. To see the whole tweet, you will have to click on the button. The tweet will show up to you.

shortening of tweet

Squish works the way I have shown above. If long tweets bother you, then you can start using this extension now. Also, if you like twitter like stuff, then you can try posting a self-destructing tweet, enable 2FA on Twitter, download Twitter videos, etc.


Squish can bring you the joy while browsing Twitter. While using Twitter, you will never be bothered by long useless tweets again. It automatically sharing long tweets on Twitter and you can always control which tweets it should shrink. So, want to get rid of long tweets? Then start using Squish today.

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