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How to Send Twitter Direct Messages to Multiple Followers at Once

In this post, I will explain a simple method to send Twitter direct messages to multiple followers at once.



In this post, I will explain a simple method to send Twitter direct messages to multiple followers at once. So, if you have a message which you want to send to your Twitter followers at once then this method will let you do it quite easily. All you need to do is specify the names of your followers and the message to be sent. Nothing tricky is involved here, a free website called “TweetGuru” allows you to send multi DMs to followers at once.

However, the main limitation of this website is that it lets you send DMs to up to 12 followers at once. This makes it quite unusable for users with a large followers base. But, you can still export the followers’ list and divide them into small (maximum of 12) groups.

You can also use other methods (like mail merge) to send Twitter direct messages to multiple followers at once. However, it requires a couple of extra steps and is quite complicated as compared to the method explained in this post.

How to send bulk Twitter Direct Messages to followers at once:

Let’s see the steps to send mass DMs to Twitter followers at once:

Step 1: Visit TweetGuru from the link at the end of this tutorial. After that, log in with your Twitter account and authorize it to access your Twitter profile. After successful login, you will see is interface as shown in the screenshot below. Now, all you have to do is specify your Twitter followers name in the “IDs” text box and the message to be sent. The follower’s name must be separated by commas and there is no need to add “@” before them. Please note that you can only add 12 Twitter followers at once.

Step 2: Once you have specified Twitter followers and DM to be sent, click on the “Send Multi DM” button. It will then start sending the specified direct messages to your followers one by one and you can see its progress, as shown in the image.

After it sent all the Twitter DMs to the specified followers, I checked my Twitter messages and I was quite happy to see the expected results.

So, with these 2 simple steps, you can send a DM to multiple Twitter followers in one go.


In this tutorial, I have explained a simple method to send bulk Twitter DMs to Twitter followers. The only limitation of the method is that you can send multiple DMs to just 12 followers at once. However, this won’t affect the users with a small number of followers.

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