Take Screenshot of a Tweet from Linux, Windows, MAC Command Line

There are tons of people addicted to Twitter. They use a lot of Twitter tools and tricks and keep searching for new ones. When it comes to taking a screenshot of a tweet, you may have different ideas in your mind. You can use default screenshot tools or any other third-party software to do that for you. But if you want to take a screenshot directly from command line, then today I will tell you how to take a screenshot of a tweet from Windows, Linux, MAC command line. There is command line tool screenshot-tweet. And I am going to use that for taking a screenshot of a tweet using its URL.

The screenshot-tweet tool is written in Node.js. The best part of this tool is that you can directly save the screenshot of a tweet using its URL. You don’t have to take a screenshot of the whole screen and then crop the tweet out of it. It takes care of the hard part itself. You just have to give it the Twitter URL of the tweet you want to capture as an image. It will take that URL and save a screenshot of that tweet on your computer.

How to Take Screenshot of a Tweet from Linux, Windows, MAC Command Line?

If you already have Node.js setup on your computer and then you don’t eat anything else. And if you don’t have it, then download it from here and install it.

After Node.js has been set up on your computer, simply type this command.

npm install -g screenshot-tweet

npm install twitter screenshot

The about command will install the necessary packages and modules for tweet-screenshot tool.

Now, the screenshot tweet tool is already to work. Just need URL of the tweet you want to see that the image for the screenshot. So, use this to get the URL of the target to eat as follows. Run this command prompt.

$ screenshot-tweet TWEET_URL FILE_PATH


$ screenshot-tweet https://twitter.com/reactjs/status/912712906407501825 tweet.jpg

twitter tweaet screenshot from command line

How twitter screenshot works

In whatever folder you are running the command prompt, the tweet image will save in that location. You will see that the image that it has captured is the perfect picture of that tweet. You don’t have to edit it further like resizing or cropping.

The Bottom Line

Command line tools are sometimes really a good life saver. If you are from a programming background, then you will like my told that I have discussed above to take a screenshot of tweets. There is no very difficult phenomenon to save the screenshot of a tweet.

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