How is SAP SuccessFactors Helping Businesses Simplify Remote Working Complexities

SAP SuccessFactors is definitely the solution that every organization must leverage to facilitate seamless remote working for the employees.



Ever since the Covid-19 virus began to spread in almost every place in the world, governments have taken drastic measures such as lockdowns, curfews, and more to restrict the movement of people and prevent any sort of public gathering. There is no denying the fact that all of these measures were very important as there was no other way to limit the spread of the virus until the vaccines were developed.

However, this made it very challenging for organizations to carry out their business operations as the workforce could no longer work from the workplace. This was when organizations decided to allow employees to work from home whenever possible. But this new working environment brought many unprecedented challenges for organizations as it became very challenging to ensure the level of employee productivity required to realize business goals.

Therefore, organizations turned to the SAP SuccessFactors solution to deal with these new remote working challenges. Many businesses worldwide began to implement the SAP SuccessFactors solution to facilitate seamless access to data and drive agility in different business processes while hastening the enterprise’s digital transformation. Therefore, let us check out the ways SAP SuccessFactors helped businesses overcome their remote working challenges.

But First, What is SAP SuccessFactors?

Before we get started, let us just clarify that SAP SuccessFactors is an HXM suite, and HXM is an abbreviation for human experience management. It is basically the process of taking certain decisions and devising or customizing certain processes to enhance the experience and productivity of the human resource of an organization.

Nonetheless, the SAP SuccessFactors HXM suite is an international-scale human resource management software solution based on the cloud. The entire suite is equipped with different software modules designed and used to simplify and manage different aspects of human resource management operations. The entire suite can be divided into four different categories that include:

  • Talent Management: Using this module of SAP SuccessFactors, businesses can leverage different tools to facilitate seamless management of different aspects, including onboarding, compensation, performance, recruiting, development, learning, and even succession.
  • Employee Experience Management: This module provided organizations with enhanced solutions to carry out different processes such as optimize the benefit packages, managing employee engagement, generate feedback on lifecycles, analyze employee surveys and more.
  • Human Resource (HR) Analytics and Workforce Planning: This module of SAP SuccessFactors brings forward enhanced HR analytics and reporting tools embedded into the solution to facilitate strategic and effective HR planning.
  • Core Human Resource (HR) and Payroll: Human resource and payroll planning provide enterprises with various tools software for enhanced and effective management of administration, payroll, HR help desk, time and attendance, and more.

Performance and Goals Management with SAP SuccessFactors

Performance and goals can be easily considered to be the most vital components for facilitating effective management of remote working scenarios. Therefore, let us take a detailed look at them:

  • Continuous Performance Management: Also known as CPM, the continuous performance management component provides business managers and employees with an enhanced channel through which they can seamlessly maintain effective communication to achieve business goals in a much efficient way. Effective and seamless communication is very important for remote work, which is why SAP SuccessFactors enables employees and managers to maintain uninterrupted communication to drive better collaboration.
  • Goal Management: Organizations can use this module to set and define different goals and communicate them to the rest of the organization with ease. Managers can set these business goals and help the employees work according to help the organization realize their business goals with minimum effort. These goals can also be created or assigned after completing a meeting, receiving tasks or projects from senior management within the organizational hierarchy.

Learning with SAP SuccessFactors

The learning module of SAP SuccessFactors is ideal for organizations as it helps them establish just the right remote working strategy for the employees. Enterprises can train and educate employees to equip them with the required skills to work from home without any additional complexities. Making employees aware of different topics such as making virtual calls and time management can greatly help the employees working in the organizations.

Career Development Module (CDM)

This module is not very different from the goal management module in many aspects as this module too can be used to help employees realize their long-term goals. The career development module can be great for assigning long-term goals to employees and help them develop their skillsets while working on their primary goals simultaneously. These goals can help an employee enhance their expertise, skills, and other characteristics necessary for managing effective remote working.

Qualtrics In SAP SuccessFactors

Listening to the employees is very crucial for any organization operating in modern times. Businesses can leverage the Qualtrics module to carry out employee surveys and integrate the same with other processes and modules available in SAP SuccessFactors. These employee surveys can be of great use to organizations as they can help them gather quality information from employees. These survey results can then be combined with the existing HR trends and data to determine possible areas where things can be improved for employees working remotely.

Onboarding with SAP SuccessFactors

Onboarding new employees in an organization can be rather challenging now, considering the fact that they cannot actually be physically present in the workplace. However, using the onboarding module of SAP SuccessFactors can help organizations manage the new employees and assign them important goals and tasks without any complication. In addition, this module can help enterprises manage all the statutory and legal documents through any digitized medium. Enterprises can even use the onboarding module to seamlessly prepare and manage the mailing out of any sort of equipment required by the new employees.


SAP SuccessFactors is definitely the solution that every organization must leverage to facilitate seamless and productive remote working for the employees. Now there are many obvious reasons why remote work cannot completely replace being physically present in the workplace, but SAP SuccessFactors can help us make the most of the situation at hand. Therefore, check out this top-ranking SAP consulting company and make things better for your enterprise with SAP SuccessFactors.


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