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How to Remove Share Option from Context Menu in Windows 10

In this post, we will see how to remove Share option from the context menu in Windows 10. There is a simple registry hack for that.



Microsoft has added tons of new features to Windows 10 from the last few updates including the Anniversary Update and Creators Update. And now with the recent update i.e. Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, it has also added many features like File-on-demand, PIP mode, Mixed Reality viewer, etc. With some useful features, it has also added many shortcuts like the “Give Access To” option in the context menu, new “3D Objects” folder, Emoji Panel, and also an advanced “Share” option in the context menu. Earlier when the Creators Update rolled out, a new feature was seen in Microsoft Edge which allowed users to share links via Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.

Now, in Fall Creators Update they have enhanced the Share feature and added it as a default option for media files in the context menu. It means when you click on an image, video, or audio, you will see the Share option to share the file via different platforms which include LINE, Skype, Email, and more. It also makes it possible to set Cortana a reminder, add files to OneNote, etc.

Although this feature can be useful for users who frequently share media files with others, for some people (like myself :)) it might be of no use rather than cluttering the context menu. If you’re one them, then here you will know how to remove Share option from context menu in Windows 10.

How to Remove Share Option from Context Menu in Windows 10?

This job can be done with a simple Registry hack. Before you tweak anything on the Registry Editor, you should create a system restore point or keep a backup of registry files such that you can be on a safe side if anything goes wrong.

Step 1: Press “Windows Key + R” to open Run dialog and type regedit. Then press the Enter key to open Registry Editor.

Step 2: Then navigate to the following key location:


There you will find a “ModernSharing” subkey under ContextMenuHandlers.

Step 3: Now, right-click on the subkey and select Delete to remove it. It will also remove the Share option from the context menu in your Windows 10 PC. Now, when you right-click on a media file, the Share option can’t be seen in the context menu. That’s it.

In case, you want the Share option back in the context menu, then follow these steps:

  • Go to the same key location in Registry Editor.
  • Create a new key under “ContextMenuHandlers”.
  • Name the key as ModernSharing.
  • Now, double-click on the empty string on the right side and set this value “e2bf9676-5f8f-435c-97eb-11607a5bedf7” to it. The Share option will now be back.

Closing Words:

Now, you know how you can remove the Share option from the context menu in Windows 10. No tool required as it is possible with an easy registry hack. Try it and declutter your context menu.

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