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How to Remove Provisioned Apps for New Users in Windows 10

This post explains a simple method to remove provisioned apps for new users in Windows 10. You can do that with a freeware tool.



In this post, you will learn about how to remove provisioned apps for new users in Windows 10. Normally, what happens is when you create a new user (with Microsoft Account or local) on Windows 10, all the prebuilt provisioned apps also get installed for that user. Some of the provisioned apps include Alarms, Skype, Weather App, Maps, OneNote, Camera, and so on. So, if you don’t want those apps to get automatically installed, then this post will demonstrate how to avoid that.

It means that at whatever point a new user is created in Windows 10, the undesirable provisioned apps won’t get installed for that specific user. It can also save you some storage space on your PC. The method explained in this post will give you the option to choose whether want to remove specific provisioned apps or all provisioned apps for new users. This method includes a free and lightweight software called “Windows 10 Privacy Utility”.

Apart from letting you remove provisioned apps for new users in Windows 10, it also bundles some other features such as disable Cortana, block telemetry, etc.

Note: If you want to use any of the removed provisioned apps in the new user account, then you can easily install them from Microsoft Store.

How to Remove Provisioned Apps for New Users in Windows 10?

Step 1: To get started, the first thing you need to do is download Windows 10 Privacy Utility. This software works with different versions of Windows 10 like 1809, 1903, etc.

Step 2: After that, open it up and navigate to the “Provisioned Apps” tab at the top. Now, it will load all the provisioned apps on the left panel. There you will also find an option to show hidden apps, in case you want to remove them as well.

remove provisioned apps for new users in windows 10

Step 3: When all the apps are visible, you can simply select the specific apps which you want to remove and move them to the left “Apps to Remove” section. To move an app, just select it and press the “Arrow” buttons in between the sections. If you want to remove all the provisioned apps, then all you need to do is press the “Move All” button.

Step 4: After you have done that, simply click on the “Uninstall” button at the bottom of the “Apps to Remove” section. Then you would need to confirm the removal of apps. Once done, all the apps added to the “Apps to Remove” section will be removed permanently.

remove provisioned apps in windows 10

From now on, whenever you create a new user on your Windows 10 PC, the removed apps will not get installed automatically. You can, however, install them from Microsoft Store whenever you want.


So, if you have been looking for a way to avoid the automatic installation of provisioned apps for new users in Windows 10, then this post gives you the simplest option to do that. Now, you have total control over which apps you want to install when creating a new user. Windows 10 Privacy Utility makes it super simple for you.

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