How to Preview YouTube Video’s Rating, Like Stats Without Playing it First

There are uncountable users on YouTube right now. And if you are one of those then you may know this fact that to view the ratings and like stats, for YouTube, you have to first open it. If you don’t want to waste your time in opening a video and see the corresponding rating stat, then don’t worry now. Here, I will tell you how to preview YouTube video’s rating, like stats without opening it first. I will tell you Google Chrome extension, Rating Preview for YouTube. This extension to get fully integrated into YouTube and shows the dating stats on the video thumbnail itself.

Rating Preview for YouTube adds progress bar beneath all the video thumbnails on YouTube. And when you point mouse over that, but you will be able to see the like start, RP rating, and the percentage of likes. This extension allows you to see all this information and offers some parameters for you to configure.

Ho to Preview a YouTube Video’s Rating, Like Stats Without Playing It First?

You don’t need any technical knowledge to get started with Rating Preview for YouTube. So go ahead and add this Extension from Chrome store to your browser. And it also comes with an Android app too. If you want to enjoy it on your smartphone, you are good to go.

When its icon appears on Chrome toolbar, that means that you have successfully installed and ready to work. Click on it and you will see some customization options. You can change the property of the bar that will show on YouTube thumbnail. You can also set the vie to classic and modern too. Just configuring the way, you wanted to show the stats on YouTube.

Ratings Preview for YouTube™ options

Open YouTube and see Rating Preview for YouTube in action. You will a blue colored bar at bottom of each video thumbnail on YouTube. And when you. Mouse cursor on it then you will see the stats of the video like RP rating, like percentage etc.

Ratings Preview for YouTube™ in action

See? How Rating Preview for YouTube works. It adds a very simple way to see the YouTube video stats in the easiest way possible. And it is definitely a relief for a lot of people.

The Bottom Line:

A lot of people just vie videos just to see the rating stats. And for that, they have to open each video one by one. It sounds like very exhausting so think how it would feel if you really do it. But, Rating Preview for YouTube is really a live saver. You can now easily preview YouTube video’s rating, like stats without opening it first. And if you want to know more about Some other YouTube tools, then I will recommend you see play YouTube videos in fast, slow speed, read comments and watch YouTube together, convert YouTube videos to any size etc.

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