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How to Post Long Tweets, Post Tweets Longer than 140, 280 Words

See how to post long tweets. You can now post tweets longer than 140, 280 words easily from your computer and add background image to it



Earlier, tweets were limited to only 140 words. But, recently Twitter doubled the limit from 140 to 280 words. But if that still cannot fulfill your needs then surely you need some other tools to circumvent this. And here I will tell you how to post long tweets on Twitter which are longer than 140 words or 280 words. There is a free website called Tweetenjoy which lets you post longer tweets on Twitter, actually, it converts the long tweet text into an image. And you can post that on Twitter easily. In addition to this, you can add a caption to your image.

Tweetenjoy is a simple website to help you post long tweets on Twitter. And there are some additional tools that it lets you use while you are composing a long tweet. You can add a background image to the tweet, change the font of the tweet, and you can change the color of the tweet text. Once you have authorized this website with your Twitter, you can always post customised tweets directly on Twitter.

How to Post Long Tweets, Post Tweets Longer than 140, 280 Words?

I have already explained a few things about Tweetenjoy. You don’t have to really do a lot of work to use this website for creating long tweets. You can design the long tweets in a couple of seconds and publish on your Twitter timeline.

How to Post Long Tweets

So, cut to the chase, let’s see how to use it to post long tweets on Twitter. First, go to the website of Tweetenjoy and then log in after creating an account. You can also use Twitter authentication to create an account. After you log in, you will be welcomed on its user interface.

Tweetenjoy user interface

On the front end of Tweetenjoy, you can design the long tweet to be posted. You can add whatever text you like and you can add formatting to it. You can choose to apply italics or bold like formatting. Not to mention that you can change the font and color of the tweet text too.

Tweetenjoy design tweet longer than 140 280 words

After designing the tweet, you can choose to add a background image to it. There are some images already available that you can choose. You can upload an image from your computer to add it as a background image to the tweet. When the tweet is finalized, you can eventually send it to Twitter directly. All you have to do is just click on a single button from the website to send this image on Twitter.

The Bottom Line:

If you ever wanted to post long tweets on Twitter then I’m sure that you have tried a lot of methods. But today, you will thank me for enlighting you about this handy tool which can easily post tweets longer than 140 and 280 words on Twitter. So, get up and start using this tool right away and post long tweets on Twitter.

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