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Online Task Organizer to Create, Schedule, and See Insights of Tasks

Plan is a simple and effective online task organizer that helps in organizing a proper schedule of your task and providing insights of all your tasks.



Plan is a simple and effective online task organizer that helps in creating, scheduling, and viewing insights of all your tasks. This enables you to organize your daily routine not just in a digital sense. This free online task organizer lines up your tasks based on your real life too, since the developers acknowledge that tasks in real life take time. You can now plan according to the tasks at hand instead of looking at rigorous to-do lists and schedules.

Plan provides you 3 modes of timelines based on months, weeks, and days. You can create lists that are related to certain types of tasks. These tasks can be easily dragged and dropped in a timeline with extra notes attached to it, that can also tell you the steps of the task. In addition to tasks, you can also add meetings/events that will tell you the time, destination and the people involved in it. Plan will send an email to everyone when the Meeting/event is about to start.

Plan gives you the whole overview of the meetings, events, and tasks that you have completed. It also plots a graph based on the task lists that you have added, so you can observe what you are missing out on your daily routine.

So, let’s take a better look at Plan.

How to Change Timeline View on this Online Task Organizer?

You can switch the timeline based on 3-time ranges: month, week and day. These tabs can be accessed with the panel on the left on each time range has its own advantage. If you want to plan short term tasks, then you’re better off using the day tab. If you want to plan long term tasks, then you don’t need to worry about the specific time, hence use the week or month tab.

How to Add a Task List on Plan?

The first thing you need to do is to add a Task List. These are a list which contains specific tasks that you can group based on a common characteristic. So, if I create a list called ‘Chores at home’, I can add tasks like water the plants, wash dishes, clean the house, etc. You can edit the list name by clicking it again on the left panel. Here you can also change the color of the task notifications of this list.

Click on the ‘plus’ sign at the bottom left to create a task and name it. To add a task, write in the description of the task next to Add a Task at the top of the page and hit enter on your keyboard. The task will be created where you can add notes after clicking it. You can add a step in the notes by using ‘-’ as a step bullet point.

To add a task to the timeline, drag it to the calendar/timeline on the right side. You can then snap the task to fit the time range you want it to cover. In addition to that, a due date/time can be added for each task. In the task list, click on the ‘Due’ button of a task to add a due date/time of that task. You can click the task on the timeline where you can again manually set the date and time of the task. You can also unschedule the task to delete it. You can also change the size of the task by holding the bottom part of it and dragging it down to cover the time you want it to. If you want to assign a task for the whole day, drag it in All Day in the Day tab.

How to Add a Meeting or an Event on Plan?

Adding a Meeting or an Event is easy. Just click on the timeline once and a dialogue box will appear which will ask you to enter the details of the event. Write the name of the event and specify the time and destination of the event.  You can change the time by dragging the task on the timeline too. In addition to that, you can also add people related to that event by entering their email. When the event will near, Plan will send an email to the participants to alert them.

How to View Insights of your Task List?

online task organizer

Select a Task list and click on Insight at the bottom of the interface. It will give you a good overview of the hours you have spent working, the tasks you have completed, the number of tasks vs the number of meetings, productivity score, etc. It will also show you a graph of the time spent by you based lists.


This free online task organizer “Plan” is really easy to use. One can easily switch between timelines and keep tasks as lists based on commonality was a really bright idea that the developers applied. I don’t think it needs any extra features since adding more of them will only complicate things.

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