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Online PDF Sharing Tool to Present PDF Files as Slides

Beamium is a free online PDF sharing website. Here, you can represent PDF to different viewers as slides and allow them to download it



Beamium is a free online PDF sharing website. Here, you can represent PDF to different viewers as slides and allow them to download it. It is an easy way to access, upload, download, share, represents a PDF file in new, different, real time and unique style. It lets you represent your PDF file in slides in real time to viewers. You can represent it in your own style and viewers can only view the representation.

This website makes online PDF sharing simple, easy and user-friendly, as it has no unwanted fancy features. Here you don’t have to register yourself or the viewers. You can share your PDF and viewers can view by an ID only. Also, it lets you save your documents.

In short, Beamium makes online PDF sharing simple without any sign in process. You just have to upload a PDF file and further you can view or present via ID. Now, let see the online PDF sharing process on this website.

Online PDF Sharing Process IN Beamium Website

For online PDF sharing, you don’t need to create any account on this website. You just have to drag a PDF file and let it drop here on the main page of the website. After uploading the file, you can view your PDF file pages in slides, as shown in the below screenshot.

Here Online PDF sharing is possible through the icon (highlighted in the below screenshot) available on Top at rightmost side. You can E-mail the PDF link to any viewers and you can also share to the viewers to see the presentation. Viewers can view the real-time presentation using this link or ID.

Here you can see that how many viewers are watching your presentation by the number enclosed in the bracket with viewers option. Also, you can let any viewers download the PDF files by enabling the ‘Enable/Disable PDF download’ option. Full height lets you view the page in full view. You can see the thumbnail of pages at the bottom of the page and can be hidden with the arrow available on left side of the bottom. Also, you can use the highlighted ID to share the presentation or can be used in future.

online pdf sharing

Viewers can only view the pages cannot share or change the slides. Only Presenter can make the changes, share, and allow viewers to download the PDF files.


This website is very easy to use and keep secure your document. It lets you make and share the presentation among viewers in real time. You can share any PDF file to viewers anywhere. This website for sharing PDF file online really seem very useful. Suggest anything in the below comments section.

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