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5 Free Online Child Height Predictor

In this article, we will talk about some of the best free online Child Height Predictor. These websites let you predict your child’s height.



In this article, we will talk about some of the best free online Child Height Predictor. The tools on these websites let you predict child height based on the height of parents. These child height calculator websites let you input parent’s height, select sex of the child as male or female, and predicts the most probable height of the child when he or she is fully grown up. Some of these tools predict child height based on additional information of the child, such as current age, height, and weight.

The height that these baby height calculator websites predict are not accurate, but are probable heights. These tools use different height prediction methods to make those predictions. Some of the methods used as Gary Method, Khamis-Roche Method, etc.

Let us get to know about these child height predictor websites in details. In the following article, we will know what information these tools require from you to predict baby height. These information will help you select a perfect tool based on your necessities.

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Update: Unfortunately, the Parenting Height Calculator app doesn’t exist anymore. Please do let us know if you find any working URL of the app.

Parenting: Height Calculator:

This Height Calculator from Parenting is best for you if your baby is not yet born, or is a new born. It lets you select the height of mother, height of father, the sex of baby, and optionally enter the name of baby. After entering all the information, click on Calculate. The probable height of the baby will be displayed in feet and inches. There are options for you to share the height with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

EverydayFamily: Child Height Predictor:

child height predictor

Child Height Predictor from EverydayFamily is another baby height calculator similar to the above-mentioned tool. It is suitable for prediction of height of newborns or babies who aren’t born yet. Here, you can set child’s gender, mother’s height, and father’s height. The unit to select height is in inches as well as feet. You can see the predicted height once you click the Calculate button. The height is displayed in feet and inches. Unfortunately, there is no option to share the predicted height. Height Calculator:

This Height Calculator is perfect for you if you already have a growing child. Here, you enter child’s information along with parent’s height to calculate most probable height. Enter the current age, gender, height, and weight of your kid. After that enter the height of mother and father, and click on the Calculate button. The measurement units are in US standard units, Metric units, and other units. If you use Other units option, you will get options to convert units of weight and height.

After entering all the values, simply click on Calculate. You will be able to see the predicted height on top of the calculator. It is pretty simple to use and is probably more accurate than the above two.

InfantChart: Child Height Predictor:

Child Height Predictor from InfantChart is similar to the Height Calculator mentioned above. Here again, you have to enter child’s gender, mother’s height, father’s height, child’s birthday, child’s weight, and child’s height. As you change the values, the predicted height, and additional growth are displayed. The height graph of mother, father, and child are also available for you to view as you scroll down.

You get two unit options to set parameters; “feet inch lb” and “cm kg”.

The Calculator: Height Predictor:

Height Predictor is one of the many calculator tools that The Calculator has to offer. It lets you predict baby height in English and Metric units. You have to enter baby’s gender, age, height, parents’ height, then calculate the probable height. The result is displayed right below.

It’s almost the same as above two calculators.


So, here were some of the best, simple, and free Child Height Predictor websites that let you predict baby height according to the parent’s height. Just predict the future height of your own kids and have fun. They can’t exactly predict the future height that’s for sure, but can give a smile to your and your child’s face for sure.

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