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Top 10 Most Demanding and High Pay Skills in Dubai

Here is the list of Top 10 most demanding and high pay skill jobs in Dubai. Let’s dive in and get an insight of great job opportunities.



In this post, you will learn about the top 10 most demanding and high pay skills in Dubai. Dubai has become a dream destination for skilled professionals all over the world. It is a high demanding place for jobs. The tax-free income, safe environment, and luxurious facilities are some of the significant reasons to attract professionals for a long term career in Dubai.

So, here is the list of some of the most demanding and high pay skill jobs in Dubai. Let’s dive in and get an insight of great job opportunities.

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Graphic Designer, IT and Software Developer:

A person with skills like Graphic designing, IT and Software development are in high demand in Dubai. Large companies in the United Arab Emirates are looking for people with development skills.

These large companies consider their website as the face of their business. So, they hire graphic designers to design an impactful website and Software developers to keep their website well maintained and up-to-date.

Salary range: DH 80,000- DH 90,000.

Accounts and Finance Professionals:

Accounting and Finance Officers or Chief Financial Officers (CFO) are the trusted financial advisors of an organization.

They are well-versed with the skills of making risky decisions on the issues of profits, finance, and accounting. The qualifications for CFO require Economic and Accounting majors and the experience of handling finance issues.

They are responsible for managing all financial and risks in an organization.

Salary Range: DH 55,000-DH 90,000.

Chief Marketing Officer:

The Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) handle the marketing operations of an organization. They build marketing strategies and help in improving the brand value of an organization.

A marketing degree is not essential for this role; however, a candidate with the social media marketing course is an added advantage.

For the success of any business, marketing is very crucial. With the growing number of companies in Dubai, marketing jobs and skills are in high demand.

Salary range: DH 80,000 – DH 90,000.

Bank Vice Presidents:

The bank Vice President is involved in vital decisions for banking. It includes long-term loans, profit, and investments to raise the profile of the bank.

The job of Bank Vice president is high demanding not just because of high salary but also because of the freedom of the work style. They are responsible for corporate banking, retail banking, assets and liabilities of the bank.

Salary range: DH 63,000- DH 77,000.


The doctors and specialists like neurologists and gynecologists etc. are in high demand. They must be experienced persons with a degree from recognized medical universities.

Especially, qualifications like cardiology and rheumatology are very demanding in Dubai and are highly paid skills. To get a job in Dubai as a doctor, you will require a doctorate degree with 5-6 years of experience.

Salary range: DH 80,000 – DH 100,000.

Chief Legal Officer:

Chief Legal Officers are a vital part of an organization to handle their legal requirements and protect them from any legal issues.

They help businesses to minimize the legal risks and counsel them for legal agreements. A candidate for this position should be skilled in law and possess a law degree with legal qualification. Minimum 7-8 years of experience is required for this job role.

Salary range: DH 60,000 – DH 100,000.

Architect and Engineers:

The job role of Engineers in Dubai includes vast fields like Senior mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP). They are in charge of mechanical and plumbing installation in various construction projects.

Minimum 20 years of experience with MEP background is required for this job role. Dubai is a top tourist destination. So, the demand for highly skilled architects and engineers is essential.

Salary range: DH 40,000 – DH 68,000.

Chief Executive Officer:

A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of an organization is the highest paid individual. They are the leader of the organization and their every decision impact greatly on the companies’ life.

The decision related to the resources, planning is managed by him. He is responsible for implementing plans and policies. He ensures the successful management of the business and ultimately responsible for the success or failure of the organization.

Salary range: DH 80,000 – DH 100,000.

Human Resource Manager:

The Human Resource Manager or HRM Expert handles the human capital of an organization and focus on implementing policies.

They are responsible for recruiting, training and handles benefits and management of the employees within the organization. A candidate should be highly skilled with HRM specialization and should have experience of working in well-recognized organizations.

Salary range: DH 60,000 – DH 80,000.


The job of pilots is high demanding mainly in the Gulf region. As the aviation industry is growing very fast, so the pilots are in high demand in Dubai.

The pilots get the additional benefits of free housing, school fee, and other allowances. The pilots require the International Civil Aviation Organization standard license. He must also pass the medical fitness exam to get this job.

Salary range: DH 30,000 – DH 75,000.


There are endless job opportunities in Dubai. But with these great opportunities in the city, there is high competition for the high paying job roles. So, acquire the top skills and get the highest paid jobs in Dubai.

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