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Mass DM Twitter: Send Direct Message to Many People at Once on Twitter

This post is all about mass DM Twitter. See this and learn how to send direct message to many people at once on Twitter. Send DM to 12 people



The DM or Direct Message on Twitter is a very nice feature where you can send a message to anyone you want. But, the problem lies when you want to send it to multiple people at once. You cannot simply do that as Twitter doesn’t allow it. However, with the help of some tools this can be done. And here I am going to tell you about Mass DM Twitter. In this post, I will tell you about a simple website that lets you send direct message to many people at once on Twitter. For this the website I am going to use is TweetGuru which lets to bulk send DM on Twitter.

Although, there are plenty of Twitter tools available which let you bulk send DM, many of them are paid. And the tool I am going to use is free and lets you send DM to 12 people at once. Yes, you can send DM to 12 people at a time and next 12 in another batch. The tool doesn’t have a limit. You can use this tool to send DM to 1000 people. However, keep one thing in mind that the DM you send must not be a spam. If you are going to use this tool for marketing purpose, then there are chances that Twitter will block your account temporarily. So, use the tool wisely and intelligently.

Mass DM Twitter: How to Send Direct Message to Many People at Once on Twitter?

Sending mass DM on Twitter via TweetGuru website is very simple. You need to log in to the website through your Twitter account. Also, you will need the list of your followers to whom you want to send a direct message. To get the list of Twitter handles of your or someone’s followers, you can use a free Twitter tool to export Followers as Excel, CSV.

Now, you have a working Twitter account and list of followers and that’s all we need to start.

So here open the TweetGuru website’s main page and sign in with your Twitter account. You should be redirected to the main front end of the website.

TwetGuru hompage

Now, here in the IDs field, specify the 12 Twitter handles whom you want to send a DM. Make sure that the Twitter handles you type are correct and separate each other with a comma.

TwetGuru send bulk direct message dm twitter

At last, after typing the handles of target Twitter users and message text, send DM. The website will start sending you DM one by one.

This is all about how to send direct message to many people at once on Twitter. TweetGuru is the one best tool that lets you do that in an efficient way. However, a piece of advice that I want to give is that while starting the second batch to send direct message, change the message text. Because if Twitter notices that you are sending a DM blast it will lock your account due to a spamming activity. Generally, the account lock is temporarily, but can be permanent as well. So use these type of Twitter automation tools on your own risk.

TweetGuru homepage here

Bottom Lines:

TweetGuru is a very good Mass DM Twitter tool that you can use. Send direct message to many people at once anytime anywhere. The tool is fairly easy to use and deploy. So, if you want to try it, then you are free to go, It costs nothing to use this useful Twitter tool in its full glory.

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