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How to Make a Bar Graph in Word 2010, 2013, 2016

The complete guide to How to Make a Bar Graph in Word 2010, 2013, 2016? has been explained here in the simplest possible way.



Dealing with statistical data without graph is like counting stars while eyes closed. Although there are some powerful software have introduced in the previous decade, still, there’s something missing. You can easily draw 2D, 3D graphs in Excel, OpenOffice and in other Office suites pretty easily. But, if you are having needs to create a graph in MS Word, then what you will do? That is why I have come up with this guide. Here I will explain how to make a bar graph in Word 2010, 2013, 2016. And let me tell you that creating a graph in MS Word is a lot easier than Excel. To draw and use graphs in MS Word, you don’t need to have knowledge of MS Excel.

To use graphs in Microsoft Word, there is no need for a third-party software. The process is very much similar to that of MS Excel. You can choose any graph that you want to draw. No matter whether it is a bar graph, histogram, pie chart or any other chart, you end up creating a one within a few minutes. If you like stuff regarding Excel, then you can also check out other guides like converting PDF to Excel, trimming extra spaces from Excel, etc.

How to Make a Bar Graph in Word 2010, 2013, 2016?

You must have the knowledge of the dimensions of the graph and other terminology. That is something you need to understand that in Word, you can not directly create a graph. In MS Word, it opens a temporary Excel sheet in which you will have to fill the data. Later on, the data you enter will be used to construct a bar graph.

Let’s start now. Open MS Word and click on Charts from the Insert tab. After that, you can choose any type of graph that you want. But, we are talking about bar graph, so I will use a 2D bar graph.

MS Word Chrt choose type

Next, after selecting the graph type, you will see a temporary graph with temporary data will show up. The graph data will appear on a separate Excel sheet that plots the data immediately in the graph that it shows in the Word.

temporary graph ms word

You can change the values and other data fields according to yours. And when done, simply close the Excel sheet and all you will left is the final graph that you desired.

bar graph plotted in MS Word

This is all about how to make a Bar Graph in Word. And not a bar graph only, you can create any type of graph in the same way. You can edit data in Excel sheet that it gives to fill the graph. And after you have closed the sheet, you can bring it back by clicking on the Edit Data button in the Charts tab.

Bottom Lines:

Now after reading the above guide you will understand that how to make a Bar Graph in Word. And it is very easy even easy than MS Excel. You just have to fill the data in the table and it will give the corresponding bar graph. You can create another type of graphs in MS Word in the same way.

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