iPhone Optical Zoom? Apple iPhones to get Periscope Camera in 2022!!

Apple might be introducing iPhones with Optical Zoom Cameras in 2022.

iphone optical zoom camera

Seemingly, Apple is working on developing a periscope telephoto lens for the iPhone lineup. Although the iPhone optical zoom camera will be introduced no sooner than 2022, reports suggest the work is already in progress.

Here’s what Ming-chi Kuo’s report has to say. Half of the parts of the Apple iPhone Periscope Camera would be provided by Semco. Semco is a South Korean company that will be supplying optics, focus motor, etc. for the cameras of 2022 iPhone models. Ming-chi Kuo is an analyst at TF Securities.

How Optical Zoom or Periscope Cameras work in Smartphones?

Usually, smartphones have their camera sensors placed right behind the lens. However, smartphones with a periscope lens setting have mirrors and prisms arranged behind the lens. This enables the camera to zoom in optically with way better details.

Companies like Huawei, Oppo, and Samsung have already launched smartphones with optical zoom lenses.

Mind you, Apple is not far behind in the race; in 206, iPhone 7 Plus was one of the major phones to be launched with 2x zoom telephoto lens.

Apple moving to periscope camera and launching an iPhone with an optical zoom lens is going to be big. Huawei is leading the game currently with a 10x optical zoom lens. So, you can expect Apple to launch an iPhone optical zoom camera with 5x zoom or more.

This news has been sourced and verified by leading Apple sources like 9to5Mac, Apple Insider, MAC Rumors, and also The Verge.

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