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How to Invite all Friends to a Facebook Page in One Click

Following traditional way of inviting friends to Facebook page? See how to Invite all Friends to a Facebook Page in One Click in a smart way.



If you are a fan of a specific page on Facebook, then you will feel like that your friends should like it too. But, what if you have a large number of people in your friend list? In that case, inviting all of them to a certain page will take a long time. Another case is that, if you just recently created a Facebook page, then inviting all your Facebook friends will be a tiresome process. However, it is not impossible when you’ll do it in the way I’ll explain. Today, I will tell you how to invite all friends to a Facebook page. And all this takes a few clicks using a Chrome extension, to invite all friends Facebook. All it needs is to invoke it when you want to invite your friends. After that, it will do the rest.

Invite all friends Facebook is a very simple Chrome extension that doesn’t really comes with an interface. You just have to invoke it when you need it. Actually, it stimulates the invite buttons on the invite page one by one. And automatically clicks them all until the last button. When it’s done its work, it will put a message on the screen displaying all your friends have been invited.

How to Invite All Friends to a Facebook Page in One Click?

Invite all friends Facebook is a pretty handy extension for Chrome browser to invite all friends to a Facebook page. When you need it, just call it. You can easily install it from Chrome Store and see its icon in the toolbar.

Now, to use it, first of all, open the Facebook page to which you want to invite all your friends. After that click on the “Invite your friends” link. Next, the invitation window will open up.

Facebook invite window

Now, click on the icon of Invite all friends Facebook extension from Chrome toolbar. But before that, if you want to narrow down the list of Facebook friends, then you can use the “Search all friends drop down”.

all friends invited to facebook page

Now, when you are all set, invoke the extension by clicking on its icon. And in the result, it will invite all people who are appearing in the invitation window. The invitation will be sent to your friends, and if they like it, then they will surely like the page.

That’s how Invite all friends Facebook extension works, in just a single click, you can easily invite hundreds of your friends to any Facebook page.


Invite all friends Facebook extension makes it very easy to invite all friends to a Facebook page in one click. There is no need to do it in the traditional way by clicking on each invite button for every friend. The extension is very useful and if you own a few pages, then now you can easily invite your friends to your page in a few seconds. But there’s no need of doing that if you are going to delete your Facebook page shortly.

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