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How to Delete Cookies from Browser

See how to delete cookies from browser using a simple guide explained here. Remove cookies from browser to enhance browser’s performance.



The term cookies often confuse some people when it comes in the context of browsers. Actually, the cookies are nothing but tiny messages that the browser stores when we visit some websites. Each website we visit, it stores a tiny piece of information in our browser due to numerous purposes. For example, if you visit online shopping websites, then those will set a cookie in your browser by saving your username or any other information. The main reason behind doing that is simple, to track you down. To some cases, cookies are useful too, but there are some darker sides to them as well. And in some cases, it is wise to clear cookies from your browser. And that’s why today I will tell you how to delete cookies from browser to delete cached data and speed up browsing.

Cookies exist in almost every browser. Whether you are using PC or a mobile phone there will be cookies in them. But for this guide, I will talk about PC only and will tell you how you can delete cookies in Google Chrome. And if you are using any other browser, then I will also tell you how to delete cookies from that.

How to Delete Cookies from Browser?

I have already explained what cookies usually do. They store some information which the browser may be going to use in future. Since cookies are generally stored in plain text form, so it’s easy to read what data is in them. And if you share your PC with multiple people, then you will have to take the privacy seriously. And one of the best way to achieve that is you delete cookies from your browser.

So, let’s get started. Open Chrome browser and then open Settings page. For that click on the 3 vertical icons from the corner and then click on settings. After that, click on the Advanced option to expand the page. Under the Privacy and security option, move down to the Content section and the open it. Alternatively, you can directly type “chrome://settings/content/cookies” in the address bar to reach there.

chrome settings cookies

In the cookie section, you will see the list of all the cookies stored on your browser. You can choose the one you want to delete or you can also delete them as a whole. To delete each cookie individually, you can click on the Delete icon button in front each cookie’s name. And you can click the Remove All button to delete all cookies instantly from your browser.

delete cookies

That’s it, folks! Now, you can easily delete cookies from your browser at any time. Also using the method, you can also delete individual cookies very easily. But keep in mind that, deleting cookies is very different from defending browser from malicious scripts as they are not dangerous as those. If you want to protect Chrome from malicious scripts, then I have also covered it in that link.

Note: This method is for deleting cookies from Chrome browser only. If you are using any other browser, or multiple browsers on your PC, like Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. Then you can use a very powerful free PC cleaner software called CCleaner. This PC cleaner will let you clean the browser junk including cookies in just a few seconds.

Bottom Line:

Cookies need to be cleaned very often after a typical browsing session. Although, they don’t carry some sensitive information, it is advisable to clean them regularly. And deleting them is a very good idea. If you didn’t know how to delete cookies, then this guide will help you understand cookies and the process to remove them from your computer in just a few clicks.

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