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How to Add Signature to PDF Documents Without any Software

If you’re looking for the easiest way of adding a signature to PDF, then have a look here this guide about how to add signature to PDF.



PDF documents are a very popular these days. No matter whether you are college students or a government level professional will have to carry out some tasks with the help of PDFs. Now suppose if you are doing some work that requires the signature of an authority on that document in order to get that document verified, then what will you do? So, to deal with such situation, I will today tell you how to add signature to PDF documents without any software. Actually, there is an online service that lets you do that very easily. The name of the website is SignRequest.

SignRequest lets you upload a PFF file to it and then you can add a signature to it. The signature can be a free hand one or you can also add a simple text signature on PDF. And not only that, after adding the signature to the PDF, you can directly send it to the desired person via email. Also, lets me tell you the best part about this is that in order to use SignReqest you don’t need to go through a signup process. You can add signature to PDF and email it to the recent for absolutely free.

How to Add Signature to PDF Documents Without any Software?

SignRequest is a very nice website to add signature to PDF documents for free. In addition to that, you can use this service to let many people sign the document before sending it to the target recipient. Also, this website makes it pretty easy to manage PDF document after you have uploaded the PDF to it. The intuitive interface of SignRequest adds more beauty to its functionality.

So without wasting so much time, let’s see how does it work.

First of all, open the main website of SignRequest. After that on its interface on the left side, you will see various options. Click on Add document to sign and then upload the PDF file from your PC that you want to sign.

SignRequest interface

Next, fill out the other fields by specifying respective information. It mainly asks your email address and the email address of the contact whom you want to send the signed document. Also, if you want some other people to sign the PDF, then you can also do that. Just choose the Me & Others option.

SignRequest options on its interface

After filling out all the information, accept terms and conditions and then hit the Sign and send. After that, it will open the document in an editor like interface where you can draw your signature. To add the signature on PDF, just click on anywhere and options to add signature will appear. You can then add the signature and after you are done, you can hit the Finalize button from the top right side.

adding signature to document

Now, you are done, the signed document will be mailed to you and to the recipient whose email you have specified.

This is all about how to add signature to PDF documents, And the process is so much handy that even a newbie will be able to do that easily.

Bottom Lines:

Due to some reasons, you may need PDF documents to be signed. And if you don’t have time to download install a software to that, then you can call SignRequest. This is really a life saver in that case. So, I have written this post about how to add signature to PDF documents.

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