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Free Website to Download Twitter Videos

In this post, we will learn about a free website to download Twitter videos. It lets you easily download Twitter videos from any device.



In this post, we will learn about a free website to download Twitter videos. Being a Twitter user, you surely have faced this trouble a lot: the policy of the website doesn’t allow to download videos from the social media accounts on your devices directly. This means funny videos don’t have a chance to settle down on your smartphone or computer. There’s actually a pretty simple & elegant solution to this problem.

Here, we’ll be reviewing how to download any video from Twitter on your PC or any other device of yours using SSSTwitter. The goal (having any desired videos on your Mac, iPhone, and Windows) is much closer than it looks like. So, where do we start?

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How to Download Twitter Videos with SSSTwitter:

Tutorial 1 – General

This operation will not take more than 2 minutes for reading and downloading itself. We will discuss a universal Twitter video downloader which works perfectly with Android, PC and iOS devices.

Step 1: Open the video you want to download in the separate tab on your browser.

Step 2: Copy its link.

Step 3: Visit and put the link in the corresponding window, or, as an option, don’t leave the previous tab – edit its link slightly by adding three S before the domain name of the site ( →

Step 4: Make sure that you’ve chosen the correct video, tap on the desired quality of the file – and here we are, having a clear win again.

Note: In the newest versions of Android Chrome browser tapping on the video’s quality will only open it in a new tab. But don’t panic – simply find a downloading symbol in the Settings (three dots, placed in line) and press it. After that, the downloading should immediately start, and a few seconds later you’ll see the media file in your Gallery or File Manager.

Tutorial 2. The tricky way

There is even a simpler solution to get a video for offline playback in one click!

Step 1: Simply add “sss” after https:// in the tweet link which contains a video and navigate your browser to that URL!

Step 2: Let’s look at the example

This is the original Twitter link:

This is the link for downloading:

Note: Please make sure that the original Tweet has a video. Otherwise, there won’t be anything to download.


So, this is some methods using which you can easily download Twitter videos using SSSTwitter. It makes downloading videos from Twitter a breeze for you.

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