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7 Free Video Metadata Editor For Windows

Use these video metadata editor for editing metadata of a video which may be MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV, etc.



Looking for a free software alternative to tag metadata information in videos? I suggest you go through this article which mentions 7 free video metadata editor for Windows. Nowadays it is quite desirable to tag information to a movie video which help others identify with video and its information. You may add metadata tags to a video, or replace old tags with new ones in case a video already has metadata. These allow you to add information like track number, title, artist, album, year, genre, comment, URLs, etc.

You can also tag movie credits to tag writer, producer, designer, music composer, cinematographer, editor, costume designer, distributor, etc. All of these work with specific video formats such as MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, etc. Let’s have a look at each of these software and their features.

So, let’s begin.


TigoTago is a spreadsheet based video metadata editor. It allows you to save primary and additional tags in a video. The video can be of MP4, WMV, AVI, MPEG format. You may also edit tags in audio files like MP3, FLAC, M4A, AAC, APE, WAV, WMA. If you want to remove current metadata tag information from a video, it allows you to do that too.

To edit video tags, it allows importing a video directory. You can choose a video from the directory and then edit its metadata tags. You can tag information to videos such as comments, copyright, director, genre, rating, creation date, title. Other than these general information, original movie credits can also be inserted into respective tag fields. These are “edited by”, “produced by”, starring, subject, “written by”, “music by”, “distributed by”, “cinematographer”, “costume designer, and similar information. Some more information such as URL, country, digitization info, dimensions, palette, etc. can also be edited. The types of tags you can edit also depend upon the video format. After editing video tags, simply save changes to store them.

abcAVI Tag Editor:

abcAVI Tag Editor is a video metadata editor. It allows metadata tagging in AVI and DIVX videos. It is quite an advanced video tagging software which can be used to edit primary tags, movie credits, and some other tags. Other than that, it presents video information like codec, frame rate, video quality, video compression, aspect ratio.

How to tag AVI videos:

This software divides various tags into several tabs. These tabs allow video tagging with following information:

  • Primary Tags: You can add or edit title, director, copyright, product, genre, subject, creation date, keywords, and comments.
  • Movie Credits: You can add original movie credits to tag information people involved in movie creation. These are writer, producer, designer, music composer, cinematographer, editor, costume designer, distributor, etc.
  • Additional Tags: More video information which may be digitization, source information, URLs, can be tagged in an AVI video.
  • Other Tags: If you want to tag dimensions, palette information, sharpness, resolution, logo URL, watermark URL, banner image URL, you can do that in this tab.

After tagging AVI video, use save changes button to store metadata information which you just added to the video.


MKVToolNix is a free video metadata editor. It allows editing metadata tags in MKV and WebM videos only. In its Header editor, you can open a Matroska or WebM video file and edit its metadata tags. It allows editing segment information like title, date, segment file name, multiplexing application, writing application, and more. Plus, video track tags can be inserted into videos which may be track number, track UID, default duration, language, codec ID, codec name, codec-inherent delay, video width and height, video aspect ratio type, video field order, video stereo mode, etc. It also lets you add audio track information which are track number, audio bit depth, audio channel, sample frequency, output sampling frequency, name, language, etc. You can also insert a file attachment to a video.

To edit a video tag, you are first required to enable tag and then replace old value with new value. You may also validate inserted header values. After adding values, save them in the video by going to Header editor menu.

Machete Lite:

Machete Lite is a video editor which allows metadata tagging in videos. It can edit metadata tags of WMV, ASF, and AVI video files. As a video metadata editor, it is quite a basic one. You can tag video information like track number, title, artist, album, year/date, genre, comment, and lastly, URL. This video tagging option is present in File menu. After adding or editing video metadata, don’t forget to save it in the video by using save option from File menu.

As a video editor, it allows basic operations like cut fragments of a video, insert another video file into current video, etc. You may also play videos in it.


EasyTAG is an audio metadata editor. It also lets you add new metadata information to videos in MP4 format only. You can add general video tags and image tags in a MP4 video. It lets you edit title, album name, album artist, year, track number, comment, encoder, composer, genre, and copyright. You can add PNG or JPEG image to tag image to a video.

VLC Media Player:

VLC Media Player is an alternative to a video metadata editor. It allows tagging of primary metadata to a video. To tag video metadata, go to its Tool menu and click on Media Information option. You will be able to view current media information. These information can be edited according to your requirement. You can edit only title, artist, genre, album, publisher, copyright, date, track number, comments, language tags.


FFmpeg is a console based video metadata editor. You are required to run particular commands in the command prompt to edit video tags. Before your try run this command, you must navigate to the bin folder of the download folder of FFmpeg in Command Prompt.

For example: If you want to change title of a video, open command prompt and type this command > ffmpeg -i video2.wmv -metadata title=”value” video2.wmv. If you want to edit artist name, you can type command > ffmpeg -i video2.wmv -metadata artist=”value” video2.wmv. And, so on. video2.wmv is the name of the video with extension which I used for testing purpose. You can replace this name with the name of your video files.

You can browse its documentation from official website if you want to learn more of its commands.


These free video metadata editor software are very easy to use. You can use a basic one like EasyTAG or even VLC media player if you want to tag general metadata to a video. Or, you may also use TigoTago or abcAVI Tag Editor if you wish to add more additional information to your videos. Do let me know your review if you try any of these video tag editor.

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